Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: I Am Not a Madam!

Olivia went to the train station, where the railroad carriages were, as soon as she left the bank.

A railway carriage is a vehicle that travels on two rails that are laid on the ground.

It is very fast because it runs on rails and can take them to the capital in less than ten hours, which would normally take two days.

Olivia told the station’s receptionist that she wanted to visit the royal capital, and the bespectacled receptionist quickly replied,

“In three hours, the next carriage will depart. Is that okay with you?”

“Please, yes.”

Olivia buys a ticket, enough to feed a family of four for a month. Then she dashed to the cemetery on the outskirts of town and told her parents’ graves, “I’m off.”

Then she went back to the station building again, and after the ticket gate, she entered the platform, which had a simple roof.

Several railway carriages are lined up on the platform, and passengers are getting on and off quickly.

(This is my first time going to the royal capital. I’ve heard it’s a big city. I’m curious what it’s like…)

Olivia stood there, anxious and anticipatory, when she heard the voices of a man and a woman behind her.

“Hey, Oniisan, where are you headed?”

“Hello there, miss. I’m just getting home.”

“So, will you be returning here? I thought we could get together for dinner.”

“Thank you for inviting me, but I won’t be returning here.”

“Oh my goodness. That’s a real shame. How about right now?”

Olivia frowns at the man and woman’s lighthearted conversation.

Her ex-fiancé Henry and stepsister Catherine’s faces flash through her mind.

(This is exactly what I don’t want to hear right now.)

She puts on her hat and closes her eyes to conceal her irritation.

tingly, tingly, tingling

An attendant’s voice was heard over the sound of a rattling bell.

“We’re off to the royal capital!”

Four large horses, each pulling two carriages, charge towards the platform where she is standing.

TL: Horse-drawn trains existed in the past.


The sheer force of the scene causes Olivia to stumble backwards.

She desperately grasped her legs to keep herself from falling backwards, and that’s when…


Strong arms wrapped around her back.

“Are you all right?”

A young man’s voice called out to her.

Olivia sat up with the help of the arm that was supporting her and quickly lowered her head.

“T-Thank you. You saved me from falling down.”

“No. You’re very welcome. I’m glad you’re okay. madam.”


Olivia tensed in her prone position.

“Hm? No, I’m just glad you’re alright, madam. “

The man was perplexed by Olivia’s stern response.

Perhaps it was because he was the one who irritated Olivia by making light comments behind her back.

Perhaps it’s because “madam” is a word for a “married woman over 30”.

Or maybe she was just cranky after a sleepless night in the park.

Olivia looked up at a man who was more than a head taller than her.

The man gasps when he realizes how young she was.

“I am not a madam!”


Olivia’s screams and the horse’s neighing echoed throughout the station.


“I’m very sorry,” the man apologized. Olivia boarded the other of the two carriages after the man apologized.

The carriage was long and narrow, with six-seater couches on either side, and could seat 12 people.

There were seven people on board, including Olivia, and there was plenty of room, most likely because it was late in the day.

Olivia sat at the far end of the carriage, leaning against the wall, sighing.

(I just lost my temper. No matter how rude he was to me, yelling like that wasn’t nice.)

She then laughed at herself, full of remorse.

(…I suppose it’s not too much of a stretch to address me as madam.)

Olivia’s clothes are unfashionable at best and tacky at worst these days.

She used to dress fashionably, but after one of her employees abruptly quit, she didn’t have time to take care of herself and began dressing like this.

She was also exhausted from the lack of sleep she had gotten the night before.

Tacky outfit, exhausted posterior.

It’s not surprising that the man mistook her for a [madam].

(…Perhaps Henry-sama chose Catherine because I am this way…)

As she gazed out the window of the moving carriage, she remembered her ex-fiancé, Henry.

Olivia was fifteen years old five years ago.

Her magic stone jewelry ring took first place in a prestigious competition in the town for its innovative design.

Her award delighted the entire community.

Olivia was then commissioned by the town to design a watch, which is a specialty of the town.

Her good taste and the fact that she introduced a new design every year made her famous, and watch sales in the town skyrocketed.

This piqued the interest of Henry’s father, Viscount Bergor, who ruled over the town and the surrounding area.

He wanted to bring Olivia’s talents into his household. 

“Your daughter has excellent taste. I want her to marry my son Henry.” 

Olivia’s father holds the title of baronet. So there is a two-level difference in status between him and the Viscount.

Aristocratic marriages are typically limited to one level of status distinction.

Although Henry is the fourth son, marriage between the children of a viscount and a baronet would be difficult, but Olivia’s great prize covered this.

They were happily engaged. 

Olivia sighs as she recalls those times.

(Henry-sama is so handsome, I was really nervous when I first met him.)

They began dating under the direction of the Viscount after their engagement.

They exchanged birthday gifts and went out about once a month.

When they went out, Henry did the majority of the talking while Olivia did the majority of the listening.

Henry was a good-natured but slight man who mostly talked nonsense, but she had a good time because he talked a lot about a world she didn’t know.

Olivia reflected as the relationship progressed smoothly and without incident,

(He’s good-looking, and I don’t mind being with him. Perhaps he’s the ideal man to marry.)

However, a year after their engagement.

Her parents died one after the other from an epidemic, and her uncle’s family moved into the house, worsening the situation.

And Henry’s attitude gradually shifted.

The monthly visits were reduced to every two months, then every three months, with no birthday presents.

There were rumors that he and Catherine had been walking together, and finally the engagement was called off.

(I pretended to be okay, but I’m still shocked…)

Her appearance is, indeed, common.

Her gray-black hair is straight, and her eyes are the typical blue color.

She lacks Catherine’s striking features.

She was, however, proud of the fact that she had studied and worked hard her entire life.

(But did it really matter?)

Henry chose Catherine, a liar who is only interested in dressing up.

She has the impression that her efforts are in vain.

(…I’m curious what it is. This sense of helplessness is…)

Olivia looks out the window.

The carriage is making its way to the capital, changing horses several times along the way.

Nine hours have passed.

when the sky starts to turn rose-colored.

Olivia’s railway carriage arrived in the royal capital.

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