Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 7

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The harvest festival is in a week. I’ll be in Sanju for two weeks.

I’m not going back to the Royal Capital, though.

Today, on the first day, I’m inviting my cousins over for dinner.

In the morning, Tristan and I went to church to visit my grandfather’s grave. My grandfather was very fond of Tristan.

The goddess of creation is enshrined in the church. The church is similar to Gothic architecture and has beautiful blue stained glass windows.

During his stay, Tristan was going to study the management of the estate under the deputy lord and in the afternoon he went to the seat of government.

Meanwhile, I’m going to train my riding skills. I informed the stables in advance.

When I went to the stable, I saw two horses behind the fence.

“Come here.”

I waved my hand with a fig and one of the horses came running towards me. The other horse also came near, so I gave them both figs in turn, and the basket was empty in no time.

(So cute~ I hope I’ll be able to ride a demon horse soon. Let’s practice hard.)

Gathered for dinner were my grandmother, Tristan, and myself, my cousin Ethan and his mother, the Baroness, the Lord Deputy and his wife.

I had put on an appropriate dress for the dinner. My hair is braided into a pigtail and decorated with ribbons.

By the way, my grandmother takes her breakfast and lunch in her room.

Ethan is 15 and my father’s brother’s only kid. His eyes and hair are light brown. He looks like his mother, not us.

My uncle is the Baron of Noji, a branch of the Tegperi family, and heads the dukedom’s civil engineering department. He seldom stays in Sanju since he works in civil engineering.

Both my uncle and Ethan have earthly attributes.

Dinner is served while the deputy praises Tristan. Because of the proximity of the harbor, many dishes are based on fish and shellfish.


I focused on the food.

I missed the flow of the conversation, but it seemed that Ethan had become my caretaker in Sanju.

(He doesn’t seem to like me.)

Oh well. Tomorrow he’ll show me around. I’m looking forward to it.


The next morning, I got the call that Ethan was coming to pick me up and headed for the door.

My inner thighs are sore from yesterday’s riding practice.

(Ugh, the stairs are painful).

I want an elevator.

Good morning, Ethan.


Ethan’s a little freaked out.

I’m wearing Tristan’s hand-me-downs, and my hair is tied up behind my neck.

“Thank you for showing me around today.”


Tristan will join me in the morning for a walk around the town.

We take a carriage to the commercial part of town. Sanju is a compact version of the royal city.

We got off the carriage at the square and walked down the street with our guards. There was a stall selling roasted chestnuts, so we bought some and ate them.

The magic stone shop is cheaper than the Royal City. The dungeon’s enormous supply likely lowers the price.

Magic instruments powered by different magic stones are as common as electrical appliances in Japan. It doesn’t matter if you can’t utilize magic.

However, magical ability is crucial to nobility. Throughout history, those who could use magic ascended to power and grandeur. Having the trait indicates noblesse.

For lunch, I ate a calzone at an open cafe recommended by Ethan.

I can feel other people’s gazes on me. Every summer, Tristan and his father visit the Duke’s estate. Tristan is a well-known and attractive young man.

I can’t help but smile when I see Tristan and Ethan playing with each other. They get along well with each other.

Ethan is a lively boy who grew up in the countryside. He will attend the school next spring.

“Why is Adele dressed as a man?”

“It’s a lot easier than a dress.”

“Hm.” (munching)

He’s not interested in me.

It seems that Ethan wasn’t very good with Adele, but I hope we can be friends from now on.

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