Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 6

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As planned, we passed through the gates of Sanju, the capital, before sunset on the third day.

The weather was good and we had no problems on the way while looking out of the carriage window at the fields. Tegperi is a peaceful place.

Tristan and I chatted a lot on this trip. We talked about our cousins in Sanju, about earth magic, about the specialties and sweets of Tegperi… No, you don’t need to tell me about the second prince. I don’t need this information.

It’s comforting to watch Tristan talk about sweet things.

Tristan is always willing to lend a hand when getting on and off the carriage.

“Thank you, brother.”

“You’re welcome.”

(What a darling little gentleman!)

So sweet. Every time I faint.

I especially like the way he gives me his hand from below when he gets off. I want a picture of this moment.

Tristan has light blond hair, blue eyes, and a well-defined face that gives him a cold, doll-like look when he’s expressionless. But when he speaks, he becomes gentle. A real angel.

The Tristan of the otome game book has a similar color scheme as the second prince and a mild-mannered disposition, so he doesn’t have much of a presence among the players.


One of the guards was riding a Wind Demon Horse, a demonic beast with the wind attribute.

It resembles a huge zebra with the black sections replaced with mint green. It has a charming aspect that contrasts with that of a rough elderly guy riding a guard.

The difference between a demonic beast and a normal animal is whether it has a magic stone in its body or not. Some demonic beasts attack people and must be killed, while others are harmless.

While we were taking a break from our journey, I was feeding this demon horse some fruit, and he took it to me. He is so cute and slippery.

The Wind Demon Horse can run fast with the magic of the wind and has a powerful kick. It has a gentle disposition. It is very difficult to capture because it is sensitive to signs and runs away quickly. It is a popular and expensive item in the demonic beast shop.

The Dukes of Tegperi have three horses in the capital and one in Sanju. I’d like to give some fruit to the Wind Demon horse in Sanju.

The lord’s mansion in Sanju is bigger than the one in the capital.

At the entrance of the mansion, we were greeted by the servants. We were not allowed to wear our hand-me-downs, and a maid led us to our room.

I have to change into a dress in my room and go to my grandmother’s room to greet her. My grandmother was the princess of the previous king, and she was strict about etiquette.

The room I was shown was more relaxing than the one in Royal City, and I liked it.

This is my room from now on.


Midnight Sophie leaves the room and locks the door from the inside. The curtains are closed.

Let’s see if we can get to Royal City from here.

Experiments at the Duke’s residence in Royal City have shown that you can only travel as far as you can see, or to places you have been since you regained your memory of your previous life.

What is the possible distance? I could travel from the inn where I stayed during this trip to the capital.

(Transfer to my dressing room in Royal City.)

My vision darkens. Turn on the flashlight and you’ll see a row of fancy dresses. It worked.

(Transfer to my dressing room in Sanju.)

There’s a row of hand-me-down clothes. Even if I go back and forth, I still have enough magic power.

I would like to go out more and more to increase the number of places where I can transition.

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