Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 8

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Ethan accompanied me on my afternoon riding lesson.

A wind demon-horse approached me while I rode a gentle horse. It was cute yet noisy. The horse is agitated. I’m afraid of the horse being agitated by me and the wind demon-horse.


I hear a scream. I see Ethan’s hair being eaten by another demon-horse.

(It’s drooling already.)

I finish my practice early and have some tea. As a snack, we have a cranberry tart.

Ethan’s hair is only halfway dry after being washed. He will catch a cold if he does not adequately dry it with the wind and flint drier.

“For someone who just started riding, you’re a good rider.”

“Thank you.”

I feel like I’m improving fast. Maybe it’s because I’m a kid.

“However, it looked like Adele would only be able to get as far as the stables. When you feel better, let’s go for a long run.”

“Yes, please. I know it’s a long way to go, but can’t we just walk him somewhere? With a carriage. “

“After the harvest festival, the leaves will be changing color in the forest, but there’s no road for a wagon. Shall we pave the way?”

That’s my uncle’s son.

“It would be fun to visit a port town. The roads are well-maintained. We should be able to get there in about half a day.”

“I want to go!”

“Oh, you’re really into it?” Then let’s get going. But it seems like it will rain, so we should wait till it ends.”


The day after tomorrow morning, if it doesn’t rain again, Ethan will come and get us.

I want to go to the port town, the dungeon, and the Duke’s villa.

“Where’s Uncle now?”

“He’s going around the south. Big tangerines are our specialty.”

It’s like Banpeiyu.

I asked her to take me with him, but…”

“Do you ever go with him?”

“As long as it’s close to Sanju.”

After his father, I think Ethan will be the next head of the civil engineering department. Tristan and Ethan are both fantastic.

Ethan left without meeting his grandmother. He doesn’t appear to like his grandmother.


It rained that night, just as Ethan had predicted.

Because it was still pouring the following day and I couldn’t go horseback riding, I had to wear a dress and serve tea to my grandmother.

My grandmother is the current king’s aunt.

She has good posture, always wears heavy dresses, and looks like a great British actress. Her dignity is amazing.

“You’re the most qualified person in this country to be the second prince’s consort, Adele.”


“The daughter of the Marquis of Dumont is thought to be the most probable candidate, although her magic power is below average and her looks are average.”

That’s right! Where did you get this information?

“Leave it to Grandmother.”

…Isn’t this the person who arranged the engagement of the second prince and the villainess?

Oh no. It’s like I ran into a giant snake…

“Grandmother, I don’t want to marry the second prince.”

I’m scared, but I have to say no.

“I’ll make you a new dress. I’ll call the seamstress tomorrow.”

You are not listening to me.

I’m exhausted.

Intercept Tristan on the way back from the head office.

“Because I don’t like the second prince. I don’t want to get engaged.”

“What, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

Tristan’s confused face is adorable.

I tell him about my grandmother’s conversation and urge him to inform the second prince that I am not interested.

“His Highness George has mentioned Adele or the Marquise of Dumont.”

Only the Marquise of Demont, please.

I wore Tristan’s second-hand clothes to dinner.

Sure enough, my grandmother was furious with me, saying she wouldn’t allow me to sit down dressed like that. I went back to my room to eat.

I felt bad about upsetting the elderly and Sophie.

But all I want is not to be the second prince’s fiancée. There is no need to be a model daughter. I don’t want to wear a dress in the house anymore.

I’m tempted to go back to Royal City.

At first, I planned on staying since “grandma would miss me in Sanju,” but now she’s the one person I don’t want to spend any time with at any cost.

In the meantime, I’ll have dinner brought to my room starting tomorrow.

I was a fool to think that leaving the Royal Capital would prevent us from getting engaged.


The next day, the tailor arrived.

My grandmother was not present, so I ordered a simple dress. I also asked for pajamas and everyday clothes for girls and boys.

The rain stopped before noon.

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