Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 5

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Tonight’s main course is venison braised in red wine. It was delicious, but too strong. I miss Japanese food.

“Father, I want to go to Sanju. The harvest festival is coming up.”

Sanju is the capital of Tegperi, and the last time Adele was there was two years ago when her grandfather died.

“I want to go to the harvest festival, too,” he said.

“Your mother would like that. I can’t go, but you two have fun. Sebastian, take care of it.”

We leave in a week.

I’m not going back to the royal capital.


In the three weeks between the tea party and my departure for the royal capital, there was no mention of the Second Prince’s engagement, and I spent my time studying, experimenting with space-time magic, and visiting the city.

The streets of the capital resemble the old capitals of Europe, and even though Adele knows them, I enjoy the feeling of travel as a Japanese person. I looked at the prices in a jewelry store on a street with luxury stores.

The jewels that belonged to Adele were either gifts or acquired through foreign trade, and I did not know their price. They were probably more expensive than the goods in the stores.

In the unlikely event that the monastery was closed, I would need money to live on after my escape. Put the jewelry in the item box so you can decide at what price to sell it.

When I went through the city, I chose relatively modest clothes, but I still looked like a rich lady, so I bought some simple rompers and a cloak at a secondhand clothing store.

I also wanted to buy some pants, but my maid, Sophie, stopped me. She was also reluctant to let me into the thrift store.

Sophie was one of my maids, formerly my mother’s maid. I think she was in her late thirties.

In the bookstore, I bought an herbal book, a book about monsters, a travel book, and a cookbook.

We also went to the market to buy food and spices, but there was no rice, soy sauce, or miso.

Once, I almost collided with the second prince in the square next to the royal library.

The second prince wore simple clothes and a hat, as if he was on business, but he stood out because of the sparkling royal regalia. His companion, who looked like a handsome rugby player, was obviously a royal guardsman.

He did not notice me, but hurried away.

I searched the Royal Library for space-time attributes, but found nothing new. I mean, the library of the Duke’s Castle is quite impressive if you asked me.

I was so excited when I found the Adventurer’s Guild building. That’s what fantasy is all about.

I wanted to go in, but I was a kid and Sophie and my guards were here, so I gave up.

How old do you have to be to register as an adventurer? Is it possible to earn money and gain experience as an adventurer without being discovered?

Above all, it is a fantasy element that cannot be ignored.


The journey from the royal capital to Sanju by carriage takes two days. We’ll take our time this time, three days and two nights.

There are nine of us: me, Tristan, my maid, Sophie, a servant, a guard, and four watchmen. Our luggage is stored in an item box, so we will have one carriage.

One of the guards rides together with a squire of the Dukes of Tegperi.

The road between the royal capital and Sanju is well maintained and safe. There are a few demonic beasts.

On the way to the city of Tegperi, we explored part of the wall surrounding the city on horseback, accompanied by the mayor and his guards.

Adele couldn’t ride, so they put her on Tristan’s back.

(Riding alone with a handsome boy is a happy and embarrassing event for a young girl.)

This is a little embarrassing. I will learn to ride when we get to Sanju.

Before this trip, I asked Tristan to give me his little clothes.

“Will Adele wear it?” asked Tristan. Sophie scolded me, but I didn’t care. I was tired of wearing dresses all the time. It’s best to wear pants.

The one I’m wearing now was a gift from Tristan. I think Adele’s character is getting worse and worse.

Tristan and I use earth magic to repair the wall that needs mending. Then we go back to town and pave some narrow streets. It’s an exercise in earth magic for the road.

Since many Tegperians have earth magic, the main roads in Tegperi are as good as those in Japan. So, traveling by carriage is not that difficult.

(Earth magic is useful for civil engineering. However, the villainess used it to bring down the heroine and trap her…)

I use space-time magic before I go to bed.


This cleans my hair, body, and teeth. Dirt and germs are transferred to the toilet.

There are no bathrooms in ordinary hotels. Only the best inns in the capital have them. Sophie only wiped me today.

(The space-time magic is very useful!)

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