Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 4

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There are four main attributes of human magic. These are water, fire, earth and wind. 

Other rare attributes are light and holiness, which the heroines possess. 

It is rare for a human to develop light or holiness attributes, but light and holy demon stones can be mined in certain locations. 

A unique attribute of demon stones is “space-time.” 

Space-time demon stones are used in transmigration camps and extended storage item boxes. 

Since the mining location is unknown, they sometimes sell for a very high price when they appear on the market.


First, I did my business. The toilet is attached to my room, and it is always lit up with illuminated magic stones. 

I wash my hands and look at the floor of the toilet. It is clean, but I am bothered by the side of my body that touched the floor when I lay down. 

(It might be dirty… Hm? ) 

I just felt the magic power cover the surface of my body and negligee. 

(… Go to the bedroom) 

I try to think of it as casting an earth spell…. 


Transfiguration! Fantasy! 

(I have a space-time attribute!?)


I went to the Duke’s Residence library first thing in the morning to check the literature, and found that no one with the space-time attribute has been confirmed yet. 

Last night I tried the space-time magic and repeatedly moved back and forth between the living room, bedroom, bathroom and toilet, which were my private rooms. 

After smearing my hands with ink, I transferred the ink to clean my hands. 

I tried moving things in and out of the room as if they were stored in a transparent container. The largest object I tried was a couch, but it worked well. Great. 

I can carry heavy and large items with ease. I haven’t carried anything heavier than a book since I became a noble lady. 

I don’t know how much magic I use, but I don’t feel like I’m running out. The villainess was set to have a large amount of magic power.

I’d like to see what else I can do, but it will be difficult if someone finds out I have the space-time attribute.


After class in the morning, lunch and a long nap. When you wake up, it’s time for tea. 

Drink a cup of black tea with a scent reminiscent of Earl Grey and exhale deeply. 

(Naps and snacks, happiness…) 

I feel much better now that I know I can transfer. 

Even if I end up in a monastery, which is the worst end for villainess, I can escape by transfer and be free. 

As a normal person, a life of not having to worry about food is enough…

(Tea and cookies are delicious, but I prefer to eat Oshiruko…)

Tristan is outside. He’s practicing with the second prince. It looks like the second prince is a better swordsman and Tristan is a better mage. 

I wonder when the second prince’s fiancée will be chosen.


The story begins when the main character, Marie, enters the academy. 

Marie, the villainess and the son of the knight commander are in the same year, and the villainess is already engaged to the second prince when she enters the school. 

The second prince and the duke’s son are a year older, and the prime minister’s son is a year younger. 

After Marie is promoted to the second grade, a series of events occur, and at the graduation ceremony for the second prince and others that year, the villainous daughter breaks off her engagement.


Unlike the setting of the story, I am not in love with the second prince. No matter how handsome he is, children are out of the question for me. 

Even if I were engaged, I wouldn’t bother the heroine. I’d be happy to step aside, because being a princess sounds like a lot of work… 

I think it would be worse for me to be a princess, with all the ceremonies and social gatherings, than to be in a monastery, where I could just transfer. 

But being sent to a monastery would be a disgrace to the Duke. I don’t want to make trouble for my father and Tristan, so I’d rather avoid that. 

Don’t become his fiancée. 

If you do become a fiancée, stay out of the heroine’s life and don’t become a villainess. 

If you do become a villainess and meet the same end as in the story, leave the monastery and be ready to live in seclusion. 

Let’s do that. 

If I don’t get engaged to the second prince, I won’t become a villainess or a princess. 

A lady who does not talk to her guests at tea parties is not fit to be a princess anyways. I hope you have been eliminated as a potential fiancée. 

I will avoid the second prince from now on. 

I do not want to enter the academy if I can avoid it. It’s too hard for me to study and make friends with teenagers, not to mention the characters in the story.

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