Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 37

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The next morning, The others are having breakfast in their rooms, so there are three of us at the breakfast table.




Silence. My father is not in the mood to talk. Tristan asks me with his eyes, [What’s wrong, father?].

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I have an expectation of what Mr. Ruff will tell my father.

At that time, I was almost naked. My chest and buttocks were covered, so it did not bother me so much, but in aristocratic society, it is a matter of responsibility.

When I say responsibility, I mean it was an accident, but you had no choice, whether you liked it or not.

But yesterday, Mr. Ruff, rushed to me, worried about me. He hugged me, and his handsome face was almost… Oh, no.

While I was writhing in my brain, trying to suppress the grin that was forming on my face, the air around my father became even heavier when he saw me. Tristan looked at us suspiciously.

No, I’m getting carried away.

I went back to my room, cleaned myself up, checked my hair and my dress in the mirror to make sure they weren’t wrong, and cast a cleansing spell.

(…I’m nervous!).

There are two greenhouses in the villa: one for ornamental purposes and the other for growing fruits and vegetables.

I enter the greenhouse, which has a domed ceiling, and hang my winter coat on the hanger next to the entrance. The inside is full of flowers and greenery, just like in spring.

I saw Mr. Ruff.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Good morning. “

“Good morning.”

Mr. Ruff came right in front of me, staring at me, and knelt on one knee.

(Eh! Already!?)

He takes my hand and looks straight at me with his bright green eyes.

“Addy, I love you. Will you marry me.”


I am so happy that I can’t speak.

My heart is pounding and I’m breathing funny.

Mr. Ruff squeezed my hand.


I squeezed Mr. Ruff’s hand back.

… I’m about to cry. Wow, I got a proposal from Mr. Raff…

Mr. Ruff stood up, pulled his hand out of mine, and hugged me.

“Addy, I swear I’ll cherish you.”

Then he kissed me on the lips.


Sitting in the greenhouse without looking at the flowers Mr. Ruff is now talking to my father.

(It was sweet.)

I thought the knightly way of proposing on one knee would make me laugh, but the way the handsome man looked at me won me over.

He can’t afford to be late for his appointment with my father (he sets the time early on purpose!). So we arranged to have tea in the greenhouse this afternoon and parted.

As I was about to leave, Mr. Ruff said, “It’s hard to leave you.” He hugged me again and kissed me lightly.

When I blushed and froze, he laughed, kissed me one last time, and said, “I will ask for your forgiveness.” and left the greenhouse.



My father was not at lunch. I asked the attendant, and he said he was still talking to Mr. Ruff.

(… Isn’t it too long? What are they talking about?).

“Good for you. Congratulations, Adele.”

Tristan, standing in front of me, smiles.

“Thank you very much…”

I’m embarrassed, but congratulations are nice.

Tristan heard the whole story from Mr. Guy, who was practicing with him this morning: “Rafael was having fun with the lady at night, the Duke found out, and today he asked the Duke for permission to marry her.”

Something a little different.

Yesterday, the group of demon monkeys came down to the foot of the Yaka village, so they did not have to search and move far on the snowy mountain, and they, along with the two fire tigers, returned at the same time.

Mr. Guy regretted that he had fallen asleep on his return and had not seen his royal highness’s expressions.

“His Highness Rafael and Adele looked good, didn’t they?”

“Did we look good together?

“Yes, it was good.”

My heart relaxed a little as I looked at Tristan.

After lunch, I went to my father’s room.

My father hugged me, saying, “Be happy.”

… I cried…


I prepared tea on a small round table in the greenhouse and waited for Mr. Raff to come in.

Mr. Ruff, who was a little tired, came in and sat down on the chair next to me.

After a sip of the tea, I offer him, and he takes my hand.

Mr. Ruff’s hand was large and warm.

“The Duke gave me permission to marry you. I could feel his love for his daughter. “

For so long,

“Mr. Ruff.”

I look Mr. Ruff in the eye and say what I’ve been meaning to tell him.

“I love you.”

(I said! It’s embarrassing!)

Mr. Ruff’s eyes widened for a moment, then his face broke into a smile.

“Me too.”

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