Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 36

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I was thinking about how to confess my love in my room, so I took a bath late.

The hot spring in the villa is open 24 hours a day.

My father and Tristan prefer to bathe before dinner, and I prefer to bathe before bed.

I’ve been in Yaka for a week now, and my skin is looking good since I’ve been taking a dip every day.

This afternoon, the village chief informed my father that a group of demon monkeys had been spotted in the snowy mountains near Yaka. The monkeys are fierce and dangerous if they come down to the village.

There is no adventurers’ guild in a small village like Yaka. And Mr. Ruff heard about it and took Mr. Guy, Sandra, and Coco to the snowy mountains for subjugation. Tonight they’re going camping.

I know Mr. Ruff is strong, and I’m sure he’s well equipped for the snowy mountains in his item box, but I’m worried. I wonder if it’s safe.

From the inner women’s bathroom, I open the door and proceed to the open-air bath.



My eyes met Mr. Ruff’s in the outdoor bath.


“I’ve done it…”

This is my room.

(Oh no, I ran away in panic and used spatial magic!).

Did he see it completely? No, he can’t see the nudity when I’m wearing a towel!

What should I do? My heart is racing and I can’t think straight.

I see that they have completed the subjection. But that was fast.

Let’s get dressed first. Then I will try to calm down and think. I use spatial magic to get rid of the water and wear underwear and clothes.

Is my father still awake? Oh, I’m such an idiot. I’m going to talk to my father tomorrow.

bang bang bang!

“Addy! Addy! “

It’s Mr. Ruff! He’s in the hallway; what should I do!?

“Addy! Are you there?! “

Oh, well, what can you do if you’ve been seen?

I gave up and opened the door.


As soon as I saw Mr. Ruff’s face, he pulled me into a hug.

“Thank God, why did you suddenly disappear…?

Mr. Ruff, your hair is wet.


I’m hugged by Mr. Ruff. No, it hurts.

“Mr. Ruff, it hurts!”

Mr. Ruff flinched and loosened his arms.


I look up and see Mr. Ruff’s green eyes right next to mine.

“Addy… Thank God you’re still here. “

He strokes my cheek and pulls me back to him. I am completely enveloped by Mr. Ruff’s warmth.

Mr. Ruff rubs his cheek against my head and calls my name.


Then he bent down a little and tilted his face, and his lips almost touched mine.

“…What is going on here!?

Oh, father! He’s angry!


I was pulled away. My father is covered in dirt from the neck down, as if he had rolled on the soil.

“Please stay where you are.”

“Eh, Father.”

Before I knew it, Mr. Gaspar was standing in the hallway. He has a strange look on his face.

I went into my room with my father, closed the door and briefly explained the situation.

“His Highness had already bathed when I arrived. In a hurry, I used my spatial magic to flee. When I vanished before his eyes, he was terrified and ran to my room.”

“I understand. I need to speak with His Highness.”

When I opened the door, Mr. Gaspar was in the process of wiping Mr. Ruff’s hair, who was standing still in the hallway.

“Mr. Ruff, I’m sorry. We’d like to speak with you in the room, if you’ll give us a moment.

“Of course.”

I invited him into the living room of my room and removed the water from Mr. Ruff’s hair.


“Did you see my daughter naked?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Father, he didn’t see me naked.”

And the most important point was that he saw me using spatial magic, not whether he saw me naked or not.

My father tells Mr. Ruff that I have the spatial attribute, that I’m keeping it a secret from everyone except my father, and that he should keep quiet about it.

“I understand. I swear I will never divulge the secret.”

Mr. Ruff nods with a mysterious look on his face and exhales.

“I’m relieved to know it was Addy’s magic. I was really afraid that it was a sudden transfer to kidnap her or an unknown curse.”

“…It’s getting late. You must be tired of subjugation. Let’s put it to rest tonight.”

My father closed the meeting.a

“I have something to say to the Duke tomorrow. But before that, I’d like to borrow Lady Adele.”


“Addy, I’ll meet you in the greenhouse tomorrow after breakfast.”

Mr. Ruff said and left the room.

I lay down on the bed in my bedroom.

(…Mr. Ruff, didn’t you just try to kiss me…?)

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