Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 38

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Today is the graduation party of the second prince and Tristan.

Tristan is escorting Olivia. Today, Olivia has tied up her hair and is wearing an elegant blue dress that Tristan has chosen for her. She is dignified and beautiful.

The second prince comes alone.

Among the whispering attendees were several young ladies who looked at him with passion.

The engagement between the Second Prince and the Marquess of Demont has been broken. Next spring, she will marry Ethan.

Her father was against it, but her mother and brother, angered by the Second Prince’s defiance, sided with her.

At the graduation ceremony last year, the Marquess of Demont had no escort. The second prince was with Marie, while Ethan accompanied me.

Who could have predicted what is happening today, one year later?

I’m immersed in emotions as I look out over the venue.

I was able to witness this day as a student mob character.

I was wearing a pale green chiffon spring dress with emeralds on my ears and neck.

Sitting next to me was Mr. Ruff.

After the proposal in Yaka, Mr. Ruff and his escorts returned to Enonai to inform the king of our engagement. Mr. Gaspar and Mr. Guy went first, and I led Mr. Ruff and Sandra to Guerin territory.

The emerald green accessory was a gift from Mr. Ruff upon his return. It is a delicate design typical of Enonai.

As I was admiring it, Mr. Ruff pulled me towards him and asked me to dance.

At the edge of the big hall, I danced with Mr. Ruff to the music. I felt like I was standing out, but I didn’t care.

His rhythm is good and his body is light. I was having so much fun that I could dance to any number of songs.

Four days later, we will leave for Enonai.

My maid Sophie and the guards have already left.

Mr. Ruff, myself, my father, Sandra, and Coco will travel to the Guerin territory, join the escorts, and go to the Enonai capital.

At Enonai, we are greeted by Mr. Ruff’s brother, the king and queen, and his parents, the former rulers, and are introduced at the foundation festival as the fiancée of Mr. Ruff, who has become duke.


For the first time, I invited Mr. Ruff and Sandra to my house in Hicomite.

The garden is full of colorful spring flowers.

Coco shows Sandra her personal dwelling.

We’ll have to build Coco’s house a little bigger soon.

Ruff’s eyes are glued to Sui-chan.

When I first met the black-bearded Mr. Ruff in the Hicomite dungeon, he said he had never seen a water shoebill demon beast.

Mr. Ruff looks at Sui-chan, who doesn’t move, and he doesn’t move either.

In the meantime, let’s make some tea. I bought some strawberry mille feuille at the usual store.

Ruff-san is here, Coco and Sandra are here, and Sui-chan is here, and there is good tea and cake to eat.

Mr. Ruff has never left my heart since I met him. It will continue to be so.

I hope that I can continue to be like that for you.

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