Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 35

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As the academy was on winter break, Tristan took a carriage to the Tegperi estate. He was to pass through Sanju and stop at the Nozi family before going to the villa in Yaka village.

My father and I will later pretend to take a four-wheeled buggy to Yaka, but we will use the transfer when we reach a deserted place with the buggy.

The round trip to Guerin territory in the winter was hard. It’s better in Tegperi because the roads are paved, but the spatial magic is so convenient that I don’t feel like taking a vehicle.

The night before I left, I untied my hair and looked in the mirror. My light golden hair grew long again.

(I think I’m beautiful.)

I’m aware that I look cold and unapproachable.

I am not the second prince’s cup of tea. He sees me only as Tristan’s sister.

He is a patient man who can put up with Marie. His reputation is currently tarnished as a result of Marie, but he has a good face and is a prince, so he can choose as many women as he wants.

Mr. Ruff doesn’t have a fiancée. Judging by the attitude of Mr. Gaspar and Mr. Guy, I don’t think there are any special women either.

It won’t be a problem as long as you have a solid status and both the Metelink Kingdom and the Anonai Kingdom are on good terms with each other.

(Let’s confess…)

Ms. Ruff will return home before Enonai’s National Day in the spring.

If I don’t do anything, I may never see him again.

(I’m sure he’ll be very popular.)

He’s an unmarried prince back home, and even here, there are girls who talk to him on the street, even when I’m standing next to him.

I’m beautiful, but I’m not popular at the academy, but that’s probably because I dress like a man… Maybe…


My four-wheeled buggy had been converted to look like a two-seater car. It was welded together and even had a machine gun on the body. We attract people on the street, but my father is in such a good mood that he doesn’t care.

We don’t have an escort, but we have Coco, so we’re strong enough.

We break the transfer and enter the ducal villa of Yaka.

Yaka is an idyllic village with few inhabitants and a few hot springs, but not enough hot water to make it famous as a tourist destination.

After greeting the villa’s caretaker and temporary servants, my father and I worked together to raise the walls and deepen the moat around the villa with earth magic.


Three days after we arrived, Mr. Ruff and Tristan arrived at the villa.

Mr. Ruff had grown a beard.

It reminded me of the time when we first met. He looked old, but he had a wild look that I liked.

It’s been a while since we all had dinner together. I was only separated from Mr. Ruff for a little over a week, but it felt like a lot longer.

Apparently, the demon turtle didn’t appear. Instead, they caught a lot of fish as souvenirs, and I’m looking forward to cooking fish tomorrow.

After dinner, we went to my father’s room to hear Tristan’s report.

He said that my uncle and Ethan were far away and that we could only meet Ethan’s mother in Sanju, but that Ethan had agreed to marry the Marquess of Demont if the engagement to the second prince was broken off.

Ethan’s mother explained that my grandmother wanted the Marquess of Demont to be her grandson’s wife. Originally, she thought my grandmother was only praising the Marquess.

She did not understand that the Marquess, who could be a princess, was ready to marry into the Viscount’s household, and she was afraid of what was coming.

Since she has only exchanged letters with Ethan, both affairs at the academy remain unknown.

The Marquess of Demont had already left for Sanju.

In the Otome game, there is a route for Tristan to marry the Marquess. In reality, she is now the fiancée of the second prince, who could break the engagement and eventually marry Ethan.

Perhaps she was most at the mercy of events.

I’m one of the reasons why, so I hope she’ll be happy.

I highly recommend Ethan.


The next day, Mr. Ruff’s beard was gone. A bit disappointing.

(…when should I tell him?)

Maybe the day before we leave Yaka. In the event of rejection, maybe it would be better to leave Yaka and return to the capital to reorient.

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