Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 34

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“I’m a potential fiancé!? What happened to the Marquess of Demont, who was being educated by our grandmother?

“Your grandmother is so fond of the Marquess of Demont that she wants to marry his grandson to her.”


“Tristan is engaged to Lady Olivia, so if there’s one, it’s Ethan.”

What an unexpected turn of events….

My grandmother has been exchanging letters with the queen.

“Of course, your grandmother is aware of the rumors about His Royal Highness, Georges, and the Baroness, as well as His Royal Highness’s failure to recognize that the Marquess of Demont’s worth does not require his marriage. She will do what she wants this time and say that if she does not get what she wants, she recommended Adele as His Highness’ fiancée.”

No, no, the second prince was in love with Marie, even if Adele was his fiancée.

“No matter how much grandmother is aunt to Her Majesty’s, can she break the engagement? Can she?”

“That’s right. Their Majesties intend to respect the Marquess of Demont’s wishes. Now that the baroness’ affair is settled, the Marquess of Demont will return to the capital. By now, a letter will have been sent to the Lord of Sanju.”

A magic pigeon is used to exchange letters. It flies to a fixed dovecote and does not take days unless the weather is bad.

“Doesn’t the Marquess of Demont want to marry Your Highness?”

“Because she often witnessed the second prince flirting with Marie at the academy.”

“…I guess so.”

“Father, I don’t want to marry the second prince.”

“Alright. Today there was a consultation on whether the Marquess of Demont wanted to break off her engagement to His Highness, but I told them I couldn’t give an answer because I hadn’t confirmed Adele and Ethan’s opinions yet. As for Adele, I will decline as soon as possible.”

“I think the Marquess of Demont is against breaking the engagement.”

“Even if His Highness is to blame, it would be a blow to the young lady if the engagement were broken off. However, if she is willing to marry the Viscount’s heir, even if it lowers her in rank, perhaps they can agree to dissolve the engagement, which has been marred by the ugly rumors, and make a fresh start with a new engagement. Either way, it is in the hands of Marquess of Demont.”

I wonder…

“First, I have not yet been able to confirm that the Nozy family is okay with this. It’s quite possible that my brother and his son, Ethan, are out in the capital and don’t know about it. Maybe she heard about it from your grandmother, but I don’t know if she thought it would go through.”

After graduating from the academy, Ethan worked for his father in Tegperi. He travels around the area and is rarely seen in Sanju.

“Given the circumstances, the Nozi family cannot refuse a marriage proposal if it comes after the engagement has actually been broken. It’s the Marquise family, and it was your grandmother who suggested it. I think it’s a good idea, but it’s not like Ethan needs a fiancee at the moment.”

“…I think Ethan might have liked the Marquess of Demont.”

“Eh!? Are you sure, brother?”

“I didn’t ask him, so it might be a different story. I saw the two of them talking at school. It seemed that Ethan was waiting for the Marquess Demont, and the day I saw Ethan at home, he was looking at books about flowers and poetry.”

That Ethan… Flowers and poetry… That’s really strange.

“He had an upset look on his face and sighed, so I called him and he panicked and said, “it’s nothing”. After that, he seemed to be thinking about something all the time, and I thought then that maybe he was worried about his unrequited love.”


“Well, that’s the youth. I will send a letter to the Nozy family. We need to confirm Ethan’s intentions before the meeting between the royal family and the Demont family.”

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