Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 33

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It has been two and a half months since Mr. Ruff was a guest at the Duke’s residence. I have gotten used to having him in the house.

On the weekends, we go out to eat, shop, and go sightseeing in the capital together. For me, it’s a date (albeit with a maid and escort).

Every time we go for a walk in the capital, I find it hard to choose the right clothes. Since I’m walking next to the handsome Mr. Ruff, I want to look good; not too flashy, not too plain, but just right.

Sometimes we go to the royal forest to visit Sandra and Coco. The city is great, but I also like the forest.

In the forest, we usually split into three groups: Mr. Ruff and me, Sandra and Coco, and our bodyguard, Mr. Guy, and my maid, Sophie.

Once, I fell asleep on a sheet after lunch because I was tired from the morning’s activities, and when I woke up, I was sandwiched between Sandra and Coco.

Both the right and left are fluffy, like a dream. Irresistibly warm and fluffy…!

As I clung to the big Sandra, Mr. Ruff said, “I envy you…”. When I tried to offer him a spot, he said, “Not that way.” So I got stuck again. Paradise…

The last time we ate baked potatoes by the fire,

When Mr. Ruff saw me eating a baked potato, he said, “You look like a squirrel.” He laughed at me. I tend to misbehave in the fresh air. I have to be careful.

What should we do next time? Maybe we can go ice skating on the lake? I’m looking forward to it.


Over the weekend, with only three days left until winter break, Tristan and I were called into the living room by our father, who had returned from the palace.

Mr. Ruff has been absent since this morning. He wants to catch a magical turtle that rarely appears during the high winter tide.

During the winter vacations, my father, I, and Mr. Ruff’s group will stay at the ducal villa in the village of Yaka, Tegperi, where we will meet him there.

“Eh!? Marie is no longer in the country!

“She went to church with His Eminence Geika.”

His Eminence is the cardinal of the religious state of the church.

He visited the Royal Mage Division of our country to conduct research on the Holy Attribute together with Marie.

Marie, as a rare bearer of the Holy Attribute, had been asked by the royal mages to participate in their research, but had so far refused on the grounds that she had no time for her studies at the Academy.

Both Tristan and the second prince refused to introduce her to Mr. Ruff, and when she learned that he was doing research in the Royal Mages Division, she agreed to work with them for about two months.

However, unlike other divisions, the Holy Attributes Division is only affiliated with the Medical Treatment Center, so there was likely no opportunity to meet Mr. Ruff.

I was surprised that she took time off from the academy to come to the Medical Treatment Center. Olivia is in a good mood thanks to Marie’s absence from school.

Although on high alert, Marie had not seen Mr. Ruff at the gates of the Royal Mages Division or at the Duke’s residence.

“The baroness seems to be fascinated by His Eminence, who has the same holy attributes as her and has decided to train as a saint in the Church. I heard she dropped out of the academy. “

(That Marie..!? She was brainwashed!?)

While I was surprised, my father and Tristan proceeded to talk.

“Yesterday, we were able to confirm that His Eminence and the Baroness had crossed the border, so we informed His Highness Prince Georges of the Baroness’s departure.”

“…His Highness, he was worried because Lady Marie had not come to the Academy at all lately. He must be depressed.”

Sorry, Prince… Second Prince…

“What kind of person is his eminence?

“He’s an honorable man who’s strict with himself and others. He can be harsh at times… He’s young but dignified. “Silver hair, gray eyes, good-looking.”

I’m afraid of the word “harsh.”

A silver-haired, handsome priest with holy qualities. He does not look like a mob character. He seems to be a target with yandere characteristics.

“How long does it take to become a saint? Will Lady Marie return home when she’s done?

“I don’t know, but I don’t think the Church will let go of the saint. I think she’ll be based in the church and travel around as a saint.”

“The baron stopped her, didn’t he? If he adopts her and she goes to church, that doesn’t do the Baron much good.”

Marie’s mother, by the way, married a commoner after her daughter was adopted by the Baron.

“There have been nasty rumors about the Baroness, and when His Majesty says that the Church wants to recognize her as a saint, the Baron can’t say no.”

I guess the royal family got the best of both worlds by keeping Marie away from the second prince.

“In the end, hasn’t Lady Marie met his Highness Rafael yet?”

“Not anymore. The Church State and the country are far apart, so she would not be able to see him now or probably in the future.”

I guess this means that Marie chose His Eminence’s route and Rafael’s route was destroyed.

…Thank God.

My body relaxes and I sink into the couch.

(Thank God… I’m so glad…).

“So, to get to the main subject…”

The most important subject?

“Adele is being considered as a possible fiancée to Prince George.”


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