Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 32

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In one section of the capital, there is a forest that belongs to the royal family.

So Mr. Ruff wanted to take Sandra to the forest to get some exercise, so my father got permission, and we decided to spend our next holiday in the forest.

It is said that the forest is a safe place for the Royal Knights to train, and dangerous monsters and beasts are regularly exterminated.

The members are Mr. Ruff, his servant Sandra, Mr. Guy, Coco, Tristan, me, the maid Sophie, and the coachman.

My father wanted to come too, but Tristan said it would be too much for him to take Mr. Ruff for the entire holiday.

“Brother, do you know what Marie is up to for the next holiday?

When she appears in the forest, it’s a scary sight.

“No, I don’t. But His Highness Georges has official business. Entering the royal forest without permission is punishable by law, so I don’t think Lady Marie will come into the forest. “

My father protested to Baron Piaf and informed the king about Marie’s visit to the ducal residence last week to see Mr. Ruff.

Tristan was disgusted by Marie’s insanity. I think Tristan is completely out of the reverse harem.

When the second prince heard Tristan’s story, he said, “Marie has a light foot,” and that was that.

Second prince, it’s her ass that’s light.


We were riding in a carriage to the royal forest.

When we arrived, we decided to split up and meet at noon.

Sophie and the guards went to the lake to prepare lunch and take care of the horses. Mr. Guy invites Tristan to go with him to the sports field.

Mr. Guy, Are you sure you want to part with the one you’re guarding?

That left only me and Mr. Ruff.

“Should we go to the flower garden that the caretaker recommended?”


I wanted to be alone with him, but as soon as we were alone, I started to get nervous.

We walked through the forest, looking at the map we had borrowed from the forest’s caretaker. The trail was well maintained and suitable for hiking.

I walked side by side with Mr. Ruff, talking about the great modification of my buggy and the delicious food at the Duke’s residence.

When the sun shines through the trees, Ruff’s eyes glow a bright green. It’s beautiful.

The forest thins out and the view becomes clear.


There are white, purple, and yellow wildflowers blooming everywhere.

(I didn’t know there was such a beautiful place!)”

I was unusually engrossed in the flower garden when I realized, “Isn’t this a good location for a target event?” When I turned to face Mr. Ruff, my gaze met his, and he looked at me.


“Is there something wrong?”


Well, what was that feeling?

(No, self-aware, too self-aware).

After a short walk through the flower garden, we took another route to the lake.

“Mr. Ruff! These berries are kokutou-modoki, right? “

I found a fruit that tasted like brown sugar. Brown sugar is a specialty from the south of the country that we import here. Normally, collecting it in the royal family’s forest is prohibited, but the caretaker stated that a small amount for consumption in the forest is permissible.

“I brought strawberry rice cakes for dessert. Should we eat them on the hilltop?


Raff laughed.

“The same Addy that I know.”

What part of it is still the same? The part where I’m hungry?

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