Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 31

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It’s been a week since Mr. Ruff became a guest at the Duke’s residence. My father has persuaded him to stay for an extended period.

(Well done, father!).

For the week, Mr. Ruff eats breakfast in his room and attends the Royal Mage Division with my father for the week.

I eat alone, and I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing sleepers to dinner.


“Marie Piaf is here?”

“Yes, the doorman asked her to leave, but she insisted on being let in and wouldn’t go. I sent a servant to Baron Piaf’s residence with a message to come and fetch the lady. “

I had expected this, but the report from the butler, Sebastian, made my holiday afternoon tea tasteless.

Since Mr. Ruff’s stay, security at the Duke’s residence has been even tighter than usual, and the doormen have been instructed not to let anyone in without prior notice, whether they are nobles or not. And normally, no aristocrat would come to visit without prior notice.

Mr. Ruff’s visit was unofficial, but it was not covert.

My father informed the king in advance, and the day after his arrival at the duke’s residence, Mr. Ruff dined with members of the royal family at the palace.

Mr. Ruff looked very handsome in his formal attire. He is tall and elegant. The way he was dressed made him look like genuine royalty. He seemed like a different person when he was an adventurer. I want a statue of him…

In the Royal Mage Division, the identity of the brother of the king of the neighboring country was revealed, but since it was a private visit for research purposes, all social contacts were refused at the request of Mr. Ruff.

When Tristan mentioned Mr. Ruff to the Second Prince at the academy, Marie became interested in him.

(Second Prince, that’s not necessary… Didn’t you know Marie’s favorite guy is handsome?)

Tristan is annoyed when Marie keeps asking him to introduce her to His Highness Rafael over and over again.

The servants at the Duke’s residence have been made aware of this and have increased their vigilance. Marie has long been on the watch list in our family because I asked my father to add her to the list.

She is a famous person who has been the subject of rumors lately that she is the “Malicious Marie”. It is likely that she is also on the watch list of the other noble families.

Even if Marie asked the second prince to introduce her to Mr. Ruff, the second prince had only met him once at a dinner party, and he would not dare impose himself on the king’s brother.


Today, Mr. Ruff and my father set to work on the four-wheeled buggy.

This is the workshop where we’ve been working since my 14th birthday, when I received a Demon-Beast-Stone-Powered four-wheeled buggy from Enonai as a gift. My buggy spends far more time in the workshop being worked on by my father and the craftsmen than it does driving me around.

Tristan is out and about with Olivia. It’s nice to see them getting along so well.

They’ll all be home in the evening. Olivia is the only friend I have, so she’s out of the loop.

No, Olivia is my future sister-in-law, so she’s a family member then? 

Does that mean I have no friends?

… I have Coco and Sui-chan. And Sui-chan needs rockfish as a tribute.

(Maybe I should have gone to the workshop with them. But it’s too boring to go to the workshop with your father. I can’t even follow the conversation).

By the way, my father knows that Sui-chan brought Coco to Hicomite, but he doesn’t know about Mr. Ruff, the adventurer. He thinks that Mr. Ruff and I became friends at the Guerin Tournament. Also, it seems to bother him quite a bit that we call each other by our nicknames.

“I hope they’ll pick up Marie before His Highness Rafael returns.”

“If no one from Baron Piaf’s residence comes to pick her up, we will call the guards. She doesn’t seem to know the common sense of the aristocracy. It could be a fake baroness.”

That’s Sebastian for you.

The Royal Mages division’s compound is off-limits to anyone interested, so it will be difficult for Marie to approach Mr. Ruff there.

Right now, it’s my father who has Mr. Ruff all to himself. I’ve never been alone with Mr. Ruff. First of all, Mr. Ruff always has Mr. Gaspar and Mr. Guy with him when he’s in the royal brother mode, so it’s never just the two of us.

My father is taking him around this weekend, so I want to spend the next weekend with him.

It’s not because I don’t have any human friends.

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