Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 30

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Three weeks before the visit of the king’s brother from the neighboring kingdom to the Duchy of Tegperi, a rumor had spread in the capital.

The Queen, as well as the King, were informed of the rumor.

[The second prince, Georges, who has found true love, wants to marry Marie-Piaf, a baroness as well as a former commoner, despite their different status.]

A few days ago, Georges asked the King and Queen to break off his engagement to the Marquess of Demont and marry Marie.

The King and Queen knew that Georges and Marie had become inappropriately close and that they had become closer during Forest Camp.

The queen had heard bad things about Marie from a noblewoman who had a daughter at the school.

When she ordered an investigation into Marie’s background, she found that the rumors were generally true. She therefore had no intention of welcoming Marie into the royal family, even considering her holy attributes.

The queen was very upset that her beloved son had fallen in love with a woman of poor quality.

Marie has been telling people about her relationship with Georges. Even if it is true about Georges, it is inexcusable that she would spread lies about the Marquess of Demont and claim that she had harassed and hurt her.

Are you trying to make your fiancée look bad and fill in the blanks? The honor of the Marquess of Demont must be protected.

So, she started a rumor with her subordinates that “Baroness Marie Piaf lied about being harassed by the second prince’s fiancee and approached the second prince.”

Students of the academy and their families, servants of the house, and merchants in and out of the academy told others that this was the truth, and added, “There are other men besides the Second Prince who are also involved.” The rumor is being overwritten by the theory that Marie is a bad influence.

However, the Marquess of Demont is either pitied or ridiculed when it becomes known that Georges despises his fiancée.

The only thing to do would be to put Marie in a monastery or marry her off to a suitable nobleman, physically separate her from Georges, and wait for the rumors to die down.

The Marquess of Demont is a year older than Georges. If she waits too long, she will be past the marriageable age.

There are only six months left before Georges graduates from the school. Hopefully, Georges’ love for her will cool down in the meantime.


“The Marquess of Demont is in Sanju!? Why!?

I almost choked on my shabu-shabu salad for dinner.

“There are terrible rumors about His Royal Highness Prince Georges, the Marquise de Demont, and Baroness Piaf. The Queen has decided that moving away from the capital and the Demont territory will be more peaceful for the time being. Until further notice, your grandmother is in charge of the Marquess’s education in Tegperi.”

Grandmother’s education, I pity the Marquess of Demont, who has done nothing wrong.

“How true are the rumors about the second prince and Marie?

There are rumors circulating in the academy with more details than on the street. Of course, no one believes that the Marquess of Demont harassed her.

“Because I left halfway, I don’t know much about what happened in the forest camp. But one thing is certain: His Highness truly desires to marry Lady Marie, and Their Majesties have opposed the idea.”

The reason Marie could become the second prince and princess in the Otome play was probably because Adele was such a bad actress that it was deemed appropriate to break off the engagement.

I hope Mary ends up with someone other than Mr. Ruff and Tristan…

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