Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 29

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“Adele, calm down.”


“Father, calm down.”

Tristan is the only one who is calm.

Mr. Ruff is coming to our dukedom.

My father, Tristan, and all the servants are at the door to greet him.

My father, who likes to do research, is looking forward to meeting a man with light attributes for the first time, as I am.

It’s been a month since we parted ways at Guerin. I can’t wait to see his face…


The night before the Guerin tournament, with a loud bang, the summer night sky is filled with fireworks of many colors.

As I watch the fireworks from the dignitary’s seat, I cautiously look at the beautiful lines of Mr. Ruff’s profile sitting next to me.

I wonder how many more days I can spend with Mr. Ruff this time.

Although we both know each other’s identity, it is not easy to contact and meet the brother of the king of the neighboring country.

When will we meet again after the competition?

When will Mr. Ruff come to Hicomite again?

At the Guerin competition four years later?

Maybe Mr. Ruff will have married someone by then.

“I’d like to have a look at the Tegperi family library. Could you ask the Duke?”

“With… pleasure?”

Ever since we made our next appointment, I’ve enjoyed every day.

As you would expect from the Guerin martial artists, the stadium was full of muscleheads for the competition, and it was a lively place to compete.

There were parties going on all over the place in the cheering section while watching the game. This seems to be the Guerin way.

Olivia, who won the youth sword competition four years ago, did not compete because she wanted to sit next to Tristan and watch gracefully.

I guess it’s a little too late for that now, because he’s already seen her brutally beat up Morgan.

At dinner, I wear a dress because Mr. Ruff and Mr. and Mrs. Guerin are with me.

I’ve been wearing men’s clothes since I was 12, but sometimes dressing up as a girl isn’t so bad. I don’t wear rough clothes anymore, and Sophie seems happy.

I thought it would be tiring to have dinner with another family every day, but we had no trouble talking about the competition.

Also, Mr. Ruff looked his age talking to Olivia’s brother, and it was fun to watch them interact.

“Have you ever ridden her, Addy?”

“I’ve ridden on her before.”

“I can’t tell if you’re as good a rider as you are with the horse, but it’s good for Addy and Coco to get used to the idea of running together in an emergency.

In his spare time, Mr. Ruff gave me some tips on how to ride the Fire Tiger. It is not possible to ride it for a long time because it is pretty fast.


The day before the festival, Tristan arrived at the Lord’s mansion.

He had left the forest camp in the middle of the day and had ridden on a Wind-Demon-Horse along with his escort.

He was tired and exhausted, and when Olivia hugged him and held him so tightly, he almost lost consciousness.

Olivia apologized hurriedly, and Tristan smiled at her while staggering. The fragile smile of a beautiful young man is very touching. He must have worked long hours for Olivia.

During my stay in Guerin, I was treated as a pair with Mr. Ruff.

Not only did we ride to the town together in a four-wheeled buggy, but Olivia must have said something to the others. Somehow, the people around us were trying to set us up as one would expect for the two most popular kids in the class.

Mr. Ruff was my escort the night before and after the festival.

The height difference between Mr. Ruff and me has become smaller. I’m not as tall as Olivia, but I’m also taller than the average woman. The balance with the tall Mr. Ruff should not be bad.

As I feel the warmth of Mr. Ruff’s body as he accompanies me, I am very conscious of holding hands. I am really glad that I am a villainess without sweaty hands.

Olivia, her brother, the Count, the Countess, Ruff’s aide, Gaspar, and his bodyguard, Guy, who had accompanied us on our trip, were all smiling at us. Tristan seemed to be at his wits’ end.

Mr. Ruff was normal.

I was only 13 when I met Mr. Ruff.

The second prince is almost 18, but when I saw him again at the academy, I felt like an aunt marveling at the growth of a relative’s child. Even now, I can’t shake the impression I had of him when he was a 14-year-old boy.

I wonder if Mr. Ruff feels the same way.


The light attribute is rare, and only the royal bloodline of Enonai can develop it. Even in Enonai, there is only one that exists every a hundred years.

In the past, there was a princess from the royal family of Enonai who married into the royal family of Metelink, and the royal family of Metelink also had a princess with the light attribute.

The princess married the Duke of Tegperi, but her only son died young, and her husband’s nephew succeeded as duke.

The princess’s husband is a researcher, and the research papers on the light attributes that he left behind are in the library of our residence.

The Tegperi family has been collecting books related to magic for generations, and our library is a treasure trove for researchers.

It is thanks to them that we can welcome Mr. Ruff into our family, and we are grateful to our ancestors.

What I’m worried about… There is Marie in the royal capital…

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