Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 28

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One day, not only Lady Adele, but also Sir Tristan and his fiancee, Lady Olivia, came to the usual bench together.

Adele and Olivia are very close, and when they walk together, they stand out. There were many girls who gazed at them from afar. I’m one of them.

It seems that the brother and sister are talking to a furious Olivia.

I’ve heard rumors of a confrontation between Lady Olivia and that baroness. Maybe that’s the case.

In fact, this is something that should have taken place only between Her Highness and the Baroness.

… I’m probably the one who feels the most sorry.

I felt uncomfortable eavesdropping, so I left the room.

Still, the image of the three beauties side by side was wonderful.

I imagine a beautiful goddess being flanked by beautiful servants on either side. I wanted to finish it before my memory faded, so I left the building, sat down on a bench some distance away, and immersed myself in putting pen to paper.

I’m so focused that I don’t hear the footsteps of others.


(Sir Ethan!)

I have been discovered. There weren’t many people around, so I let my guard down.

I’ve only greeted him, but he’s a cousin of Lady Adele’s. If people knew that I had taken the liberty of using them as models, they might be offended.

“You’re good! This one is Tristan and this one is Adèle. They have similar faces, but they’re well-drawn. The middle one is Olivia. How’s that?”

This may be the first time since my nanny died that someone has complimented me on something other than my dual attributes.

My face gets hot. I’m agitated with joy.

“Can you sell this?”

“Eh!? This is such a childish drawing. “

“No, in Tegperi’s domain, even bad pieces are sold at a good price. Adele always rejects my choice of Tristan’s figure. But she’ll be very pleased with this one.”

Selling my paintings?

I’ve never thought of that before.

If His Highness broke off the engagement…

An unattractive woman who was engaged to the royal family would not find a good marriage partner. And even if she did find one, it would be a bad match.

I didn’t want to be in my brother’s care in the future, so I thought I’d have to join a monastery.

But… Would I be able to have a career as a painter?

“Adele and Olivia will buy it. They love Tristan. Do you have any more paintings? Let me see. Can I sit next to you?”


Sir Ethan, who was looking at the drawing from behind, sat down next to me.

I couldn’t say no and handed him my sketchbook, but I felt so embarrassed. It was my first time showing my work to others.


Sir Ethan froze when he saw the clay figures.

“Is this Adele’s work in the academy?”

“Yes, I’m impressed that she spends her breaks studying magic. It was wonderful earth magic.”


“She knows not only magic, but also martial arts. I forgot that Lady Adele was manipulating the clay figures and watched the game enthusiastically.”

“… Anyway, I would like to show the picture to Adele and the others. If this one doesn’t work out, can you paint a new picture of Tristan? I’m sure they’ll like it.”

I can’t believe they appreciated my drawings so much. I’ll be happy if they’re happy with my drawing.

“You can give them the picture, but can you keep it secret that I did it?

“Oh you’re right, if Olivia finds out, she’ll ask for more. She’s even crazier than Adele when it comes to Tristan.”

“Eh, that is not the case, because the aristocrats were drawn.”

“Is that how it is? Then why don’t you give yourself a pen name?

“A pen name.”


“If you don’t mind, Sir Ethan, why don’t you give me one as a memento?”

“What, me?”

I said my wish with a boldness I wouldn’t normally have thought possible.

To commemorate the first time I was praised for my painting, I would love it if the person who praised me could choose one for me.

“Well… what do you think of [Debusen]? That’s what they say about martial artists in the East. It sounds like a man’s name, and it’s a good alias, don’t you think?

“Thank you, sir. I will call myself “Debusen.”

It seems that Sir Ethan was looking for Sir Tristan. I told him where he could find him and promised to give him a painting of Sir Tristan later, and so we parted ways that day.


The next morning, Sir Ethan was waiting for me and told me that he had misunderstood the meaning of the word “Fatty”(Debu) sen). “Please change your pen name,” I was told.

If that’s what Sir Ethan wants, then I can change it. As for the new pen name, Sir Ethan said, “I’ll think it over this time.” So I took him at his word. I’m looking forward to it.

But for the first painting I got a compliment on, I added the pen name [Debusen].

I don’t care what it means. I will keep this picture forever. It’s my personal treasure.

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