Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 27

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The first time I saw Lady Adele was at a tea party hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Georges. I was 15 years old.

I was told by my parents to be sure to get close to His Highness at that tea party.

Most nobles have only one attribute, but I have two: wind and earth. My parents want me to become His Highness’s wife.

Even though I have two attributes, I can’t use much magic because of my low magic energy.

I know I am not pretty to look at, with my usual dark brown hair and eyes of the same color.

His Highness is very beautiful, with bright golden hair and sapphire blue eyes. If I were standing next to His Highness, I would be even more ordinary.

The first people to greet His Highness at the tea party were Sir Tristan and Lady Adele, the Dukes of Tegperi.

They are two siblings with pale golden hair, sky-blue eyes, and doll-like features.

My mother told me that Lady Adele had a lot of magic power and was one of the most promising candidates for princess. I think she’s a better match for him than I am.

I expected to find her with her brother, Sir Tristan, talking to His Highness, but instead she was sitting alone at a table in the corner of the room, eating sweets in silence.

I wondered if it was all right for her not to talk to His Highness. Doesn’t it bother her that people are looking at her?

I envied her beautiful face and her abundant magical power, but above all, I envied the fact that she didn’t seem to mind being alone.


My mother gave me a list of noble daughters to invite to a tea party to be held at our house.

My mother knew that I had been told behind my back that my only advantage was that I had two attributes. That’s all I’m good for. I’m sure the ladies on this list are thinking the same thing.

Lady Adele’s name is also on the list. My parents want to marry my brother to Lady Adele.

My brother is two years older than me, and he’s mean. He always criticizes my looks and magical power.

Adele replied that she would not attend. I knew she would decline.

In the autumn of my first year at the academy, I became engaged to His Highness.

I was not surprised, since the Queen had invited me to tea and I had had several opportunities to meet His Highness.

I can admire His Highness’s beauty up close. I think I am lucky to be married to a prince who is every woman’s dream.

His Highness is a kind man, but he may be disappointed that I am his fiancee.

I am not very good at studying, but I am determined to work hard at my education as a princess and at least improve myself.

I heard that my family proposed to the Dukes of Tegperi to marry my brother to Lady Adele, but they refused.

My brother is upset, but he can’t blame me because I’ve gotten engaged to His Highness. It’s one of the good things about being his fiancé.

His Royal Highness entered the Academy a year after me.

We spend very little time together at the academy. We meet regularly at the palace, and he escorts me on the occasions when I am required to be present as his fiancee.

In the spring of my third year, Lady Adele was enrolled.

As the daughter of the Duke of Tegperi and sister of Sir Tristan, she was the center of attention.

Her beauty, as clear as the moon, and her unadorned man’s attire attract everyone’s attention.

She has an unapproachable air about her, and the students have come to call her “the lone beauty.”


His Royal Highness has recently become acquainted with a pink-haired, pink-eyed baroness.

I don’t know how they came to be so close, but without asking, the other ladies around me reported how close they were.

From a remote seat in the cafeteria of the academy, I saw His Highness, Sir Tristan, Sir Morgan, and the Baroness having a meal together. I also heard that she has a rare holy attribute.

I can understand why His Highness is attracted to her. You can do whatever you want. I obey the crown and the House of Demont.

I have a favorite place in the academy.

It is on the second floor of a little-used building filled with paintings.

Since the talk of His Highness and the Baroness began, I have been spending more and more of my free time alone in this room, which seems to be a storage room for paintings, and I try to avoid places where His Highness might be.

When I entered the room, the first thing I did was to open the window to dispel the dust with the help of wind magic and let the air in, but often Lady Adele would come alone and sit on the bench in the garden, which I could see from the window.

I sense that Lady Adele also enjoys spending time in a secluded place, and I feel a certain closeness.

Lady Adele, unaware of my presence, hummed a song with a melody I had never heard before, forming strange clay figures with earth magic.

The clay figures were about a quarter of the size of a grown man, and I found myself looking at them with interest.

Adele stood on a platform made of magical clay and said, “Komusubi.” and “Sekiwake.” on a stage made of clay by magic.

He even controlled a clay figure called “Gyoji,” who seemed to be the referee.

“Hakke-yo-oi-nokotta-nokotta.” Is that a spell? I also have earth attributes, but I am a bit ashamed of my lack of knowledge.

There are other clay characters that fight, such as Ozeki, Yokozuna, and Honjitsu, Musubinoichiban, and Zabuton wo nagenai de.

Before I knew it, I was getting excited about watching the game.

Lady Adele’s magical energy and manipulation are on the level of a first-class magician. Lady Adele should have been His Highness’ fiancée, not me.

I opened my little sketchbook and drew the clay dolls.

If I had not been born into a noble family, I would have liked to be a painter.

Surrounded by paintings, I draw. This room is the only place where my thoughts can be free.

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