Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 26

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[The brother of the king of a neighboring country, with dark hair and green eyes. He is a sword master and has a rare light attribute].

Two years ago, a new king came to the throne in a neighboring country, and when I heard about his brother, I thought.

Isn’t he a hidden character?


Enonai is a neighboring country that borders the border districts of Guerlain.

The second son of the previous king and the brother of the current king. It is His Royal Highness, Rafael.

Because he possesses the rare light attribute, a faction of nobles who oppose his brother have formed to promote him as the next king.

In order to avoid a succession dispute, Mr. Ruff renounced his claim to the throne at an early age and has roamed the country without getting engaged or holding important offices.

He is said to be a friend of Olivia’s brother, the heir to the Guerlain frontier family, and has been invited to the Guerlain Competition as a guest of honor. He plans to stay at the Lord’s House during the competition, just like me.

Mr. Ruff is going with me to the territory, and we are having dinner at the inn.

“Adi, you look beautiful. If it weren’t for Coco, I might not have recognized you right away.”

“…Your Highness looks younger without a beard.”

When a nobleman compliments a lady, it’s just a greeting. A social gesture I know, but I swear my face is red. I don’t know what to say.

After meeting Mr. Ruff, his image and voice kept running through my head as I sat in the carriage listening to Olivia.

Although I was dressed in men’s clothes during this trip, Sophie had prepared all the dresses and ornaments for the dinner and party at the lord’s house.

After some hesitation about what to wear for dinner, I put on a light blue dress. I had my hair tied up in a bun, but Sophie had styled it in a half-bun.

It was considered impolite to dress casually in the presence of the royalty of a neighboring country. However, it would be strange to wear a fancy dress in a travel hotel. I am not sure how to dress properly. I am a little embarrassed because I have only ever seen Mr. Ruff dressed as a man.

“…Are you that old?

I can’t look directly at Mr. Ruff’s face, so I look at his hand rubbing his chin without his beard.

Big hands Long fingers.

Mr. Ruff is now 21 years old. When I met him, I thought he was a little over 30, but he was actually 18 at the time.

I avoided the second prince of my own country and met the second prince of a neighboring country. What’s the deal with Adele?

Olivia gives me a suggestive look.

“I was surprised to learn that Your Highness and Adele knew each other.”

“Miss Adele’s servant is my servant’s daughter.”

Mr. Ruff didn’t mention that he and I were adventurers.

He must have guessed that I was a nobleman who used magic, so he did not seem surprised when he learned my identity.

Olivia wanted to know more about my relationship with Mr. Ruff, but I couldn’t tell her anything specific.

After dinner, I felt restless, so I changed into my normal clothes and went to the stables.

(I need to mooch Coco).

In the stables, there is Mr. Ruff.

My feet stop and my heart starts to race.

Seeing my presence, Mr. Ruff turns to me.


The real Mr. Ruff is calling my name.

“Coco has grown up.”

Coco was sleeping next to Sandra.


“I was thinking of having an evening drink in the courtyard. Would you like to join me?


We moved from the stables to the courtyard and sat next to each other on a bench. The night breeze is pleasant. The lights from the buildings leak out, and you can hear voices and noises.

There are only two of us. Mr. Ruff is very close to me. I feel like I’m moving strangely because I’m too conscious.

Mr. Ruff used light magic to create a ball of light.

(I have never seen light magic before).

According to a book I read in our library, it is possible to use light to render and lasers to attack.

I made a small table with earth magic, and Mr. Ruff burned incense to repel insects.

Mr. Ruff brought two glasses with ice and two bottles and poured them into each glass.

“Addy will have prune juice, I’ll have prune wine.”

“Thank you.”

There is no age limit for drinking in this country, but I suppose I am still a child to Mr. Ruff. But I want a drink. I want to use the power of alcohol to manage this tension.

“Are you active as an adventurer?

“Yes. I have the D-rank. I dive with Coco in the Hicomite dungeon. I often fish for demon rockfish. Thanks to His Highness for teaching me.”

“You can call me Ruff. I’m not involved in politics and I’m an adventurer.”


“You’ve never been to the Guerlain Competition, have you? Of course, the games are spectacular, but I’m looking forward to the fireworks the night before. Come and watch with me.”



The next morning, as we were leaving for the territory, Mr. Ruff asked, “Would you like to ride with me?” He asked me if I wanted to ride on his four-wheeled buggy.

Of course, I accepted the handsome man’s invitation.

(We haven’t ridden together since the Hicomite dungeon…).

“It’s nostalgic, Addy.”

I nervously got into the back, and Mr. Ruff turned and smiled at me.

beautiful green eyes. Mr. Ruff is so close.

I’m so happy, but I feel like crying.

I’ve always wanted to see Mr. Ruff again.

Maybe they couldn’t get into hidden characters, or maybe they didn’t exist to begin with, but in this otome game, there is no target other than the four targets in the academy.

I wonder if there is such a thing as a “mob” with specifications like Mr. Ruff’s.

I am only an acquaintance of Mr. Ruff, but I don’t want “that” Marie to get too close to him.

If necessary, I will use earth magic and space-time magic to block her.

If there is a Raphael route in the game, I will definitely become a villainess.

I’m not backing down.

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