Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 25

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“Um, would you like some of this?

Another gift from the girls today. It’s a package of sweets that you have to wait in line to buy!


I’m always having a feast with my companion.

Before I started school, I thought I could have a girls’ fan club. I’m supposed to be a beautiful man.

Olivia’s Takarazuka aura radiates through her frilly dress and vertical rolls. I am completely defeated. There’s no demand for me anywhere.

“Sister Olivia, have we taken care of Sir Rene?

“Well, everyone is wonderful.”

Rene, the target of the attack, is being punished by a group of girls in his grade. I hope he stays strong.

“Adele, you should come to our estate for summer vacation. There’s a Guerin competition every four years. I-I’ll invite Tristan too.”

Why are you being so shy now?

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.”

I wonder if Tristan will come.

The summer vacation event in the otome game was a forest camp. The event was open to the public, but only the main character and four of her opponents were present.

After school, I returned to the Duke’s estate and immediately moved into Hicomite’s mansion. The time I spend with Coco has become shorter since I went to the academy.


When she notices my presence, she comes running and puts her paw on my shoulder.

If you don’t know her, she’s a tiger that attacks strangers.

“Coco, I’m home…”

Coco is now the size of a normal tiger and lies heavily on my shoulder. I can’t hold her anymore. Sandra was much bigger, so I expect her to get even bigger.

She used to have white socks on her feet; now they are pink socks. very cute. Of course, the white ones were cute, and I bet the red ones are cute too.

I like to lie down and bury my face in her fluffy belly.

Sui-chan is still sitting still in the garden. She only comes close to me when I release her favorite food, the demon rockfish, into the pond.

When she was a baby, Coco was threatened and chased away by Sui-chan when she wanted to play with her. Sui-chan is not a playmate for Coco, and Coco is not food for Sui-chan. They do not approach each other and have no problems now.

For Japanese food, the Tegperi family started to buy from merchants in the eastern island countries.

I cook my own Japanese food at the Hicomite villa, and I use soy sauce for my sauces at the Duke’s mansion.

I also learned to make bracken cakes.

Through trial and error, I managed to make fern flour from the roots of ferns growing in the Tegperi, and my father built a factory in the suburbs of Sanju. It is a luxury product because its production requires time and effort.


I am riding in a carriage with Olivia to spend the summer vacation in the countryside of Guerin.

Olivia is not well.

Tristan has given priority to Olivia’s invitation instead of the forest camp. He had planned to join us once he returned to Sanju in Tegperi.

However, when Marie found out that Tristan would not be attending the Forest Camp, she asked the second prince to invite him, and Tristan could not refuse the second prince’s invitation, so the event took place exactly as it was written in the game plot.

(Marie— I’m pissed off that you’re using a second prince.)

Also, is the second prince an idiot? Why would he help the girl he loves have another man in her service?


Guerin is on the eastern edge of our country, and it takes days to get there. It’ll be difficult for Tristan to come home after forest camp.

It would be faster to bring him here, but I hesitate to reveal the space-time magic to Tristan, the captured target, even if he is my brother.

After entering Guerin territory and a few hours from the inn, the carriage suddenly stops.

“What’s going on?”

Olivia asks the guard in front of the carriage.

“A man is fighting with a pack of werewolves ahead. The duchess’s servant is on its way… Just now, it seems the man has killed the last of them.”

My father brought Coco to the capital to accompany him on this business. Now that she can spit fire, she is a reliable help.

“Rare. The man also has a Demon Fire Tiger with him. He’s thrown the defeated demon wolf into the item box, so it should be easy now to get through.”

(Fire Tiger?)

Olivia looks out the carriage window and sees Coco flailing wildly with a fire tiger, one of the biggest she’s ever seen.

Olivia gets out of the carriage and I follow her.

That back view with his face turned sideways

“Well, isn’t that his highness Rafael?”

Olivia’s voice made him turn around.

His Highness Rafael…?

There is no beard. very handsome.

“Miss Olivia, It’s been a long time.”

A nostalgic voice

He looks at me, behind Olivia, and his eyes widen.


“Mr. Ruff…”

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