Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 24

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I have not seen Mr. Ruff since we parted in the winter of my thirteenth year.

Since he had appeared several times in Hicomite, I went to the creek where I fished demon rocks on the third level and to the swamp where the cedars grew on the eleventh level, hoping that he would appear again, and the restaurant where we ate mille-feuille together became our regular place.

As it is an unwritten rule for adventurers not to pry into other peers’ lives, I know nothing about Mr. Ruff, except that he is a rank-A adventurer.

Also, I might accidentally ask lol*con taking advantage of kids like me.


“… Le, Adele, are you listening?

“Oh, sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

I had lunch with Olivia in the school cafeteria.

“I want to burn that woman.”

“No, Olivia, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I’m afraid she might actually do it.

I was promoted to the second year of the academy.

Tristan’s fiancée is Olivia Guerin, Countess of the Border. She is in my year.

The Guerin family, which guards the border with the neighboring country, is a fiery and warlike family, and many of their children, both male and female, become knights.

Olivia also planned to become a knight in the future and had no intention of getting married. However, when she learns that her fiancé is Tristan, she is suddenly motivated to rise to become a lady and strives to improve her feminine prowess every day to become a beautiful duchess.

She has orange hair and orange eyes, a clear, dignified face, beautiful posture, and a well-developed upper body. She is tall, and her flashy frilly dress and vertical hair rolls do not suit her.

Olivia sees the heroine of the Otome game, Baroness Marie Piaf, with her four companions: the second prince, Tristan, the duke’s son , Morgan, the son of the knight Comander, and René, the son of the Prime Minister.

It is a very glamorous group. The second prince is particularly glamorous.

Marie, with her pink hair and pink eyes, is slender and pretty and seems to be well liked by men. The pastel-coloured dress and the twin-tail hairstyle suit her well. She is indeed a heroine.

If you think of it as some kind of high school drama, I, an old woman of mental age, will not be angry. I just think, “What really?”

The second prince’s fiancée, the Marquise of Demont, graduated at the end of last school year.

When I received an invitation to a tea party from her before their engagement, even though we hadn’t interacted with each other, I suspected that she had an ulterior motive, but it seems that it was an invitation to other high-ranking young ladies of the same age.

Since I felt guilty for forcing her to play the role of the villainess, I thought I would do what I could to follow her, but when the second prince started to take care of Marie, she distanced herself from him and stayed out of his way. wise choice.

Morgan, the Knight Commander’s son, who is in the same year as me, and Rene, the Prime Minister’s son, who is a year younger than me, are not enrolled in the academy.

As a result, Olivia has become the leading villainess.

Olivia hates Marie, who is also very attached to Tristan and is very angry with her.

She is a supremacist and has no mercy for the second prince. She is a muscle brain at heart, so she speaks ill of him head-on and picks fights with him without hesitation.

The second prince accuses her every time without waiting for her graduation party, and she says something back to him every time, so [the baroness, the second prince, and his cronies vs. Olivia] has become an everyday scene at the school.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to be intimate with an engaged man? Are you stupid? Do you only hear men’s voices?”

“Sir Georges…”

“Marie is free. Whoever she’s with, it’s up to her.”

“Even Tristan thinks she’s a crony because she’s with a man who has a fiancee. That’s annoying. I think it’s in bad taste.”

“Sir Tristan…”

“Why are you touching Tristan’s arm!? You’re a pain in the ass, you pinkhead! It’s a calculation! You want to be set ablaze!?

She is a good villain.

At first, Tristan and I tried to reprimand the second prince for his behavior. And it was also almost impossible to control Olivia’s anger.

The second prince is indifferent to bad things said about him. Maybe he’s got a big heart.

Well, I agree with Olivia’s opinion.

Tristan is sometimes taken aback by Olivia’s bravado, but he seems to like her for her candor. He’s not the kind of man to break off an engagement, and she doesn’t worry about it.

Olivia is chivalrous and kind to all women except Marie. She’s very popular with the girls.

The other day, instead of Marie, she defeated Morgan, who had picked a fight with Olivia, with a sword. Morgan was uncool. Pfft.

Even though she’s strong, when it comes to Tristan, she’s a cute little girl.

It would look good on her if she wore her hair really short and a black chic dress, but that kind of fashion is impossible in this country and she is still a teenager, so if she likes cute dresses, she should wear them while she can. You won’t be able to wear them when you grow up.

On the other hand, I don’t dress up. I still dress like a man and spend my days lazily at the academy waiting for the day I can live with Coco and Sui in Hicomite.

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