Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 21

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“I saved the manager from a demon-beast once. He is a very good pastry chef.”

“Indeed, this mille-feuille is very tasty.”

The store manager collected his wife so I could enjoy it properly.

“There’s an area on the 11th level of the dungeon where it’s always raining, and I’m going to cut down some cedar trees. If we take the shortest route, we can dive in the morning and get out before sunset.”

I want to go!

“I’d be happy to. I can only help you with the barriers though. “

“A barrier would be a big help. The last time I was there, I wore a raincoat and it was a disaster.”

Mr. Ruff brings a mille-feuille to his lips. As I said yesterday, he has a wonderful way of eating.

“It’s not the level where the apprentice goes, and I want Addy to stay in the barrier all the time. How about a reward of 10 boss materials and a magic stone? The cedar trees at level 11 only leave a stump, so we can’t get the magic stones. “

“No, I’m just putting up barriers, and being here is enough, so I don’t want a reward.”

The barrier wasn’t helpful when we were fishing for rock-fish demon-beast.

“It’s not the same thing. We’re adventurers; we should be getting paid well. “

“I feel like I’m getting too much, but… fine then, please.”

The tutor won’t be coming until the day after tomorrow and the day after that.

“Is it okay the day after tomorrow?

“Yes, that would be great.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Payment in advance,” said Mr. Ruff, who bought me a mille-feuille. He even purchased some baked goods for me to take home.

I’m glad. I’ll enjoy it with a nice cup of tea.


As I cover the two of us with barriers, I ignore all the monsters as we make our way through the dungeon.

We rode Mr. Ruff’s demon-beast stone-powered four-wheeled buggy through the grasslands and deserts where there were few obstacles. It appears to be a new vehicle developed in a nearby country.

It seems to be as fast as a car. I was surprised that it could run without delay.

I have decided what I want to ask my father for my 14th birthday present. My fuel consumption is very poor, and there is room for improvement, but my father will modify it for me.

In the buggy, Mr. Ruff was sitting in front of me, and I felt more restless than when I rode alone on a horse with Tristan.

We arrived at the boss’s room on level 10. Coco and I are inside the (strong) barrier.

The boss is a boar-shaped demon-beast as big as an elephant.

Mr. Ruff drew his sword as the demon-beast lunged at him, slicing him in half and sending the demon-beast into a daze.

“Let’s ask the guild to dismember it. The meat is good.”

Mr. Ruff said, as he placed the boss’s carcass in the item box and walked to the stairs leading down to level 11.

The boss was like a small fish to him, as one would expect from an A-rank, and his weapon of choice appeared to be a Japanese sword.

Level 11 is like a forest. The Fire-Tigers broke up here for hunting.

After a while, an area of heavy rain appeared in front of us.

It’s strange that it’s sunny here, but there’s a downpour one step ahead.

We walked for about 10 minutes on a path with earth magic to the wetland where the cedar trees grow. It is dark because of the thick fog, and the rain makes it difficult to see our surroundings.

There are demon-beast frogs in the wetland, but they rarely spring up from the swamp and do not attack near the cedar trees.

The cedar is as tall as a shrine tree. It is a magnificent sight to see all the big trees standing in a row.

“So big… It looks like a lot of work to cut them down. How many trees do you have to cut?”

“About 20. The cedar trees are not very hard, so it’s easy to hit with an axe.”

“Do you cut them sparsely to avoid bald patches?

“No. If you leave stumps, they will grow quickly, so you don’t need to cut them from the ground up.”

Then it doesn’t have to be so wide.

“You want to put up an earth-wall on the side of the barrier? It would be too dark.”

“If it’s too dark, we can put up lights.”

I built a wall that is taller than the cedar trees and encloses an area of 20 trees plus the height of the fallen trees.

I made it 1/4 from the bottom of the wall with soil, 3/4 above the wall, and the ceiling with a barrier. I’ve never run out of magical energy, but as a percussion this time, I used barriers that consume less magic energy due to their large size.

If you look at it from a distance away from the barrier and the rain hits it, it will look like a transparent (glass) barrier.

“Is this all right? Should we fortify the base even more?”


“Mr. Ruff?

“Amazing. Are you sure you have enough magical energy?

“Yes, I have a lot of magical energy left.”

Did I overdo it?

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