Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 22

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We decided to have lunch before cutting down the trees.

I used earth magic to turn the swampy ground inside the wall into solid ground and build a table.

The chair was taken from the item box via the bag. The chair has a cushioned back and seat.

Mr. Ruff will have no problem knowing that I am using the item box.

I spread out the hot lunch that the Duke’s Palace cook had prepared for me this morning, covered the table with a cloth, and placed a towel and silverware on it.

…I think I might be overzealous about lunch in a dungeon.

As a side note, I’ve been snacking a lot lately because I’m not gaining weight and I have a lot of food in my item box. No one seems to mind if I order for two people.

Mr. Ruff put a light bulb on the table and also turned on the stove, as it was a little cold.

“I brought more than enough. You can have some if you want.”

“It looks delicious. Addy, you should also try some of these. “

Then Mr. Ruff opened the package.


“I-I thought you’d take a bite.”

I laughed.

The onigiri had bonito flakes and miso.

That means there are bonito flakes! I can make miso soup!

“Do you also have rice, dried bonito flakes, miso, and seaweed?”.

“Oh, I’ll share them with you later.”

“Thank you.”

“There are some rice producers on this continent. I’m sure the big trade associations can get you some.”

The Japanese menu arrived!

I devoured it the other day and today too. Well, I’m not a duchess now, but a 13-year-old apprentice adventurer.


I watch as Mr. Ruff swings his axe.

The impact of the axe on the trunk causes drops of water to fall from the leaves, creating a water-umbrella over his head.

The sound of the rain is a little distant compared to the steady sound of the axe and the sound of the water drops hitting the barrier.

When the tree is leaning, Mr. Ruff places it in the item box and moves on to the next tree.

He’s very thin and macho. He has great arm strength and endurance.

(Let’s go to the bathroom while Mr. Ruff is concentrating on cutting down the trees.)

It is possible to discharge using space-time magic, but it would have been unnatural not to go to the bathroom for a long time, so I took a bathroom break along the way.

When I used earth magic to make a hole and tried to make a simple toilet outside the barrier, I discovered demon frogs living there. I discovered six demon frogs. I used earth wrap on them.

I don’t think he’ll take the money for the Japanese menu, so I offer these demon frogs instead.


We take a break and make tea.

Mr. Ruff serves us a chiffon cake while I pull out my favorite teacup and make us some tea.

“I asked the manager to make it the day before yesterday with the honey from the demon bees that Addy gave me.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll have some.”

The sweet smell of honey.

“Fluffy and moist. It’s delicious.”

“It’s true. I like the sweetness of honey.”

I feel happy.

“Charcoal from cedar is good for water purification. You can also use the wood vinegar solution, which is produced during the production of charcoal.

“Sounds good for hygiene.”

In the dark forest, by the light of a soft lamp, we eat a delicious cake together. The smell of tea, Mr. Ruff’s pleasant voice, and friendly conversation.

…calming. I liked this time very much.


We returned from the swamps and took the passage at the end of the level 10 boss room.

The dungeon transitions can only be used by people or groups who have defeated the boss in question.

There doesn’t seem to be time for a stop at the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Can we go to the guild tomorrow?”

“Yes, How about tomorrow at 11 o’clock at the guild?

“Yes, tomorrow at 11 o’clock is fine.”

“I’ll take you to lunch today. There is a place you can take your servant. I’m leaving Hicomite the day after tomorrow, so I have to say goodbye to Sandra and Coco.”


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