Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 20

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After the Adventurer’s Guild, Mr. Ruff led us to the shop for the Demon-Beasts. The purpose of this visit was to buy a collar or an anklet to attach a servant tag to Coco.

She had been wearing a collar before, but it seemed to have come off when she was swept away by the river. This time she wore a red leather collar that matched Sandra’s.

Many people here don’t wear leashes on their pets or servants, but I do on the street for safety reasons. Coco is the size of a large dog, even if it is still a child.

When my current leash gets too small, I’ll order it here.

“Do you still have time? Do you like sweets?

“Yes, I do.”

The Fire-Tigers are temporarily kept in the shop, and we went to a nearby candy store.

Though, he manager of the demon-beast store was a bit weird, laughing and saying, “A child of the Demon-Beast-Fire-Tiger… hehehe…” But I suppose it’s alright since Mr. Ruff recommended me here.

I’m looking forward to sweets. I’m excited.

Both the exterior and interior of the sweet shop were pastel pink.

I wondered how Mr. Ruff knew of such a place that would appeal to high school girls, and if he was trying to accommodate me as a teenage girl.

The waitress guides me to a seat by the window.

Only female customers were present. Mr. Ruff, with his beard, and I, dressed in men’s clothing, stood out.

We ordered strawberry mille-feuille and tea, the store’s most popular dish.

“Give this to the manager, please.”

Mr. Ruff hands the waiter a paper bag.

The mille-feuille, with its crisp pastry, rich vanilla cream, and strawberries, is indeed the most popular.

My physique is built for a villainess’s role, so I can have fun without worrying about my calorie intake.

“It’s very tasty. Do you have a sweet tooth, Mr. Ruff?

“It’s not my favorite, but I like it.”

Ruff-san eating mille-feuille. It’s cute in an unsuitable way.

“My favorite sweet food is a food called Warabimochi.”


Yes, I love it!

“I’d make you some if I had the ingredients, but I’m out of bracken powder. I can get bracken, but it’s hard to make it into powder. “

Let’s make it with bracken flour and soybean flour.

Mr. Ruff has taken off his hat as the sun is shining through the curtains.

His straight, short black hair is a bit long. eyes like emeralds.

I’ve never seen eyes so bright green.

“Ruff! You’re here! Thank you for the bee-demon-beast honey~?”

A woman with brown hair and a ponytail came out of the back of the store wearing a frilly apron. Her large breasts pushed up her apron.

“Was it not easy for you to come~?”

“This is not a place where a man can come alone.”

So you brought me here.

The honey I gave him yesterday, he gave to this woman.

“Oh, you want to come more often~?”

It’s winter and she’s wearing a dress with a low collar. great cleavage.

I’m a villainess, so I’m sure my breasts will have grown a good bit in a few years.

“I’ve got a beard. Should I just go without a beard instead? “

The woman is pouting, with pink lipstick on her lips.

I feel like I’m choking on my mille-feuille.

“Next time, come back with a shave~”

How much longer is she going to talk here?

Right now, I have a strong desire to play a villainess.

“Come with me, Ruff.”

A man in a cocktail coat spoke to him.

“I’m sorry about my noisy wife. It’s been a while.”

“Oh, long time no see.”

“What do you mean, noisy~?”

“As I wrote in the note, I want you to make as many cakes and baked goods as you can with this honey. I will buy them all.”

Oh, so you brought the honey to… They’re a couple. I see…

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