Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 18

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I was going to take her to the tiger’s habitat in the spring.

I just had to say goodbye a little early….

While I was trying to keep my eyes from watering, Mr. Ruff held out a steamy cup in front of me.

(this scent, this color)

“Itadakimasu” (Bon appétit)

(Green tea!)

“If it’s okay with you, you can keep her.”

I was originally planning to find someone to take her when she’s weaned.

“Are you sure?

I’d be delighted!

“The Fire-Tiger-Demon-Beast is smart and has high attack power. She’ll make a good servant. “

“Thank you, sir. How much do I owe you?

It must be expensive. I’ll have my birthday present brought forward.

“You don’t have to pay for it. I had already given up on her, and you’ve already bonded.”


“Then, instead of the payment, you accompany me on a material gathering. This is an excellent barrier. I don’t have to be concerned about small fry.”

Sandra, Ruff, myself, and Coco proceed through the tunnel-like structure to Ruff’s objective, a mountain stream deep in the forest.

Perhaps because they are afraid of the fire-tiger, the demon-beasts don’t even come close.

The magical barrier serves merely to protect the tree branches in front of it.

(This guy is so tall…)

I look at his broad back as he walks.

He must be about 30 years old. It’s very generous of him to give me the Fire-Tiger Demon-Beast for free.

Knights may ride the Fire-Tiger-Demon-Beast. Its fur is minimally armored, but it looks super amazing if properly equipped, and it can be utilized as an item box carrier.


“Here, this is it.”

Green! Genuine Wasabi! ?

Mr. Ruff will be fishing for rockfish, and I’ll be picking wasabi. I set up a barrier for each of us. Mr. Ruff also burned incense to ward off demon-beast in the vicinity.

The fire-tiger demon-beasts have gone on the hunt. Sandra will teach Coco how to hunt. Fortunately, since I am unable to instruct her myself.

After collecting enough wasabi, Mr. Ruff taught me how to catch a redfish demon-beast to take back to Sui-chan as a souvenir.

“I’ve never seen a Water-Shoebill Demon-Beast before”

“It’s been living in my garden. She must have mistaken Coco for a fish when she saw her floating down the river.”

I couldn’t see him through the shadow of his hat, but when I sat down beside him and looked up at him, his eyes were a beautiful green.

His nose is well defined, and the lower half of his face is covered with a black beard. He might be younger than I thought. If he shaved off his beard, he would be handsome.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we go and eat some freshly caught rockfish? I’ll make it.”

There’s no time to waste. I’ll take your word for it.

Mr. Ruff served me a plate of grilled rockfish and thinly sliced meat.


“If you don’t like it raw, you don’t have to eat it. It’s called sashimi. You put grated wasabi on it and dip it in this.”

“Soy sauce…?

“You know it well. It’s not sold around here.”

“I’ve been looking for it! Where can I buy it?

“It’s not sold in this country. I’ll share mine with you.”

“Thank you!”

Yes…! I’m not afraid of Japanese food.

“Um, if it’s not too much trouble, can I have some green tea as well?”

“No problem, we have plenty to eat and drink. Do you like it?

“Definitely yes! By the way, where is it made?

“The soy sauce and green tea are from an island nation east of the continent.”

I’d like to change the destination of my spring trip from the tiger habitat to this island. I want to be able to transfer and go shopping there!

“Is it difficult to get there?

“Unfortunately, outsiders are not permitted on the island. You must purchase it from the island’s merchants who deal with the outside world.”

“I see…”


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