Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 17

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According to my research in the library at the Duke’s residence, there is a habitat for tigers in the northeast of this continent, but it is very far away.

Sui-chan’s flying speed must be quite fast. If she brought Coco from there to Hicomite, 

(If I want to take her back to the wild, I have to go there. It would be a long trip across the border.)

Since I can transfer to the house at night, we don’t have to pay for lodging, and the return trip will be quick.

Coco has grown up very fast and is now the size of a big dog. She is now fuzzy with winter fur.

When she plays in the house, she damages the furniture, so I built a magical earthen enclosure in the garden for her.

I love the way she sleeps with her fat belly out, and I love the way she spoils me like a cat. It’s a blissful time.

Sui-chan is still standing in her spot, even in winter. Sometimes her head is covered with snow. Isn’t the snow too heavy?

When I told her not to catch anything except fish, she shook her head. She probably doesn’t understand the words, but as far as I know, she has only caught fish after that.

The gardener was surprised when he saw the water demon-beast for the first time, but he soon became unconcerned because it did not move.

I made a hammock for Sui-chan because it must be cold outside, but I have never seen her in it. I have not seen her fly yet.


Today, Coco is diving into the dungeon with me.

Because consuming meat raises the cost of food, I’d prefer her to get it herself while simultaneously learning to hunt.

The first three levels are for beginners, and no powerful monsters may be found. Today we go to the third level, to the edge of the forest, where the bees demon-beast may be found.

Requests for the delivery of honey from the bee demon-beasts are common, but few adventurers take them.

bee demon-beasts are incompatible with swords and other weapons since they are small and numerous. It is more effective to employ a variety of magic or potions, but there are few adventurers who can use magic, and potions are pricey. Furthermore, anaphylaxis induced by magic bees is feared.

The area is not very popular, which is good for me because I can use space-time magic. However, I don’t use transference because there is still a possibility that there are people in the area.

I cover myself and Coco with a barrier and ignore all the attacks of the bee demon-beasts and go on without attacking them.

I approach the hives of the bee demon-beasts that I have marked and ask that they share their honey with me.

After collecting the honey, we went into the forest to let Coco hunt.



A large tiger came barreling toward us at a high speed.

(Thank goodness I put up a barrier!)


A man shouts while running towards us.

A two-meter-high bulletproof glass barrier (strong) was put up, and another barrier cast was changed to a form that could be worn around the body like a raincoat. The more complicated the barriers are, the more difficult it is to control the magic.

The large tiger in front of me started licking the barrier.

(Oh, I’m locked on as target! Oh, no! His feet are red.)

“Are you okay!?”

A tall man with a black beard watches me from behind the barrier.

“I had the barrier up. I’m fine.”

“Thank goodness, I’m sorry about my servant.”

“The Fire-Tiger demon-beast?”

“Yes, did you save that little tiger over there from drowing in the river?


I look at Coco down there. She’s rubbing up against the fire tiger demon-beast through the barrier.”

“Didn’t you find her about three months ago?”

“Yes, I did. My pet (?) brought it in from somewhere.”

“It’s probably Sandra’s daughter. The mother and daughter were playing by the river, and the daughter was washed away. We looked for her but couldn’t find her.”

“But this girl’s feet are white.”

“The feet of the fire-tiger demon-beasts change from white to red when they grow up. “


Now that he mentions it, a tiger might not have white feet.

When I made a hole in the barrier in front of Coco, the little fire-tiger immediately hugged the big fire-tiger’s head, and started licking Coco with her big tongue.

A touching reunion of parent and child…!

After taking a break, I decided to have tea with the Fire-Tiger demon-beast’s master.

“I’m called Ruff.”

“My name is Addy… and I call her Coco.”

I made a small room using earth magic, with a table and chairs.

I’m still wearing my barrier on my body to guard against the man and the fire-tiger.

“Impressive earth magic…”


Sandra, the mother tiger, has been pawed by Coco.

“Thank you for raising Sandra’s daughter.”


I realized that I had to return Coco to this person.

And I’m pretty sure that Coco wasn’t her name.

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