Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Rattling And Fluff│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

(Hmmm? Something’s in the garden…)

What is that? A giant loon!?

For the past two hours, the light blue bird, which resembles a loon, has not moved at all.

(Is it sleeping with its eyes open? Is it alive?)

I’m checking the demon-beast magic book to see if there’s anything like it.

[Water-Demon-Shoebill] Attribute: water Ecology: unknown

(…It’s probably the one, but let’s set up a barrier and get closer.)



Scary. He’s snapping his beak so hard.

Is it about the same height as Tristan? Where did this thing come from?

(I’m curious, but it’s almost dinner and I have to get back to the Royal Capital.)


(It’s still here.)

The next day, in the afternoon, the bird was still in the same spot.

I wonder what it does with its food. I think it can get its own water.


The bird seems to like my garden and has been in the same spot every time I come to Hicomite. It’s been a week. I have only seen it in the afternoon, but I wonder if it stays here all day long.

Today I made a small pond with earth magic near the bird’s spot, filled it with water from the item box, and released some live river fishes I bought.

“Ignore it…”

It didn’t even look at it.

The next day, that bird was in the same spot, but the pond fishes were gone.

Did it eat them?

Happy, I restocked the fish.

Next time, I will ask Ethan to teach me how to fish in the river, and I will catch some fish myself for bait.



I was about to release a fish into the pond when I saw a big fish emerging out of the water and bouncing about in the pond.

It’s almost a meter long. What sort of fish… It must be the bird’s doing.

This happened several times. The pond has become a lively feeding ground for this bird.

“Don’t catch anything too strange, okay?”

The bird shook its head as I spoke to it.

“It moved…?”

I’m impressed.

Let’s give it a name. I don’t know if it’s a male or a female… but it’s light blue, so let’s call it Sui-chan.

It’s not a watchdog. It is unlikely to move even if there is a suspicious person.


Basha! Bash, bash, bash, bash!

I hear the sound of water coming from the garden.

(I wonder if Sui-chan caught a big one. Let’s take a look.)


That’s a cat! What are you doing, throwing it into the pond!?

I immediately rescue it, use space-time magic to drain the water from its body, and hold it to keep her warm…

It’s not a cat. A baby tiger, perhaps?

Fortunately, the baby is fine, and after wriggling around for a while, it falls asleep in my arms.

(Thick paws, soft paw pads, light pink…)

I looked for the Demon-beast book for the tiger-shaped Demon-beast catalog while cuddling the warm and soft baby.

[Fire Tiger] Attribute: Fire Ecology: Unknown

I bought this book because of the beautiful color pictures, but the description is a bit confusing.

The demon-beast in the picture looks like this baby tiger, except for the feet. The ones in the picture in the book have red feet, as if they were wearing red socks.

Wouldn’t that be noticeable when hunting?

The one with me has white paws. A regular tiger.

Sui-chan, where the hell did you get this cutie from?

I’ll raise her till she’s old enough to go. For the time being, I need to go get some milk and a bottle for her to use while she naps.

She’s a tiger girl, so let’s name her Coco the Tiger.

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