Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 15

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In the summer of my 13th year, I dived into the Hikomite dungeon for the first time.

The Hicomite dungeon has yet to be fully explored, but it has been verified to be 47 floors below ground.

On the sixth level, there is a place where light magic stones can be mined, and even D-rank players can earn money there all the time.

Ethan was ranked D before entering the academy, and during the academy’s summer vacation, the two of us went back and forth between levels 1 and 6.

Ethan was in the vanguard, while I was in the rear guard. Ethan fought the demon-beasts with his sword and earth magic stone spear, while I created bulletproof glass-like barrier around us and attacked the Demon-beasts that Ethan couldn’t kill with Earth-Wrap.

I’m not a fan of bloody attacks. For a demon-beast, choking on earth-wrap might be more painful.

“This barrier takes a lot of magic.”

“I’m alright since it takes more than earth-wrap or any earth barriers to exhaust my magical energy.”

Ethan couldn’t build a bulletproof glass barrier. My father can, although it is not as strong as mine. Maybe the bulletproof glass barrier is an obsolete spell.

I also feel like I’m forcing myself to make up magical elements based on my memory of seeing them on TV in a past life.

Because it takes a lot of magic to make barriers and break them down into magical elements, I alter the strength of the barriers to keep magical power (low) seemed to be adequate at this level, but I used (medium) just in case.

The interior of the dungeons, from the first to the sixth level, resembles the ground’s surface, with demon-beasts resembling wolves, reptiles resembling snakes, and insects resembling bees. The climate is not the same as it is on the ground, although it does vary.

Utilizing space-time magic, I store the materials and stones I’ve collected from defeated monsters in a item-box my father gave me.

To prevent being attacked by others looking for the item-box, I try not to put more items in and out of the bag than what appears to be in places where other people are present, such as the guild.

Ethan will do the stripping. Thank you.

My Adventurers’ Guild registration in the Hicomite branch is

[Addy, Mage, F Rank].

I have not mentioned that I am a lord’s daughter.

She (Addy) is assumed to be related to the Baron family because she works with Ethan, the heir to the Baron house, and has the ability to utilize earth magic.

If you don’t know her identity, she’s dressed in jeans and a hooded poncho that makes her appear to be a boy.


Since the summer of my thirteenth year, I have often spent my free afternoons in Hicomite.

I’ve alone explored levels 1-3 of the dungeon and collected, delivered deliveries to Tegperi, delivered medicinal herbs, cleaning tasks, and so on. As an apprentice adventurer, I responded to inquiries on a regular basis.

I also manufacture medicines and deliver them to orphanages and other facilities throughout the region on behalf of the Lord Duke’s envoy.

The villa that my father prepared for me was large and had a big garden.

Within the high walls is a deep moat dug by earth magic, which is bridged by earth magic every time the transfer is not used.

Once, an intruder fell into the moat, probably to steal. The guards picked him up, but he was in pain, with broken bones and bruises. Learn from this and don’t come back.

The garden is regularly tended by a local gardener. There are also kumquats, plums, and peaches in the garden. I’m looking forward to seeing them bear fruit.

You can relax as much as you like at the Hicomite’s house, away from the servants’ prying eyes.

I bought my own daily necessities, cooked for the first time in a long time, ate with chopsticks made by a woodcarver, and enjoyed the little things of daily life.

I’m also steadily increasing my stockpile of item boxes.

Even if she(I) does not become the male lead’s fiancée, there is no guarantee that she(I) will not become a villain as the reverse-harem member’s sister.

In fact, I can’t imagine being concerned by the second prince, but I can imagine becoming annoyed by the heroine’s flirting with my brother Tristan.

Until the second prince and Tristan’s graduation, I can’t be careless.


One autumn day when I was 13, shortly after the second prince’s engagement, A surprise visitor arrived into my villa in Hicomite.

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