Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 14

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In the autumn of the same year, the Second Prince and the Marquess of Demont were officially engaged.

I don’t know how to describe the joy that welled up in me when I found out.

I felt liberated and free.

I could be just Adele. Be a mob.

“Uh-oh, thank you very much.”

With tears and snot running down my face, I expressed my gratitude to my father.

My father was satisfied, while Tristan and Ethan were a little less so.

Six months after the announcement of the second prince’s engagement, and before he entered the academy, Tristan also became engaged to the Countess of the Border.

I felt a little distant and sad.

Given both family statuses, Tristan’s fiancée can only be a Marquess rather than a Countess of the Frontier in the otome game (despite the fact that her name was not revealed).

Anyway, the reality is different from the book. There must be a future where Tristan is no longer a member of the reverse-harem.

I’ve also been offered a marriage proposal, but my father has turned it down.

I’m not cut out for the life of a nobleman. I don’t like going to tea parties or soirées (evening parties), and I don’t like wearing jewelry or clothes. I’m not used to having servants take care of me.

I may be fourteen, but inside I am an adult. It is difficult to correct the ingrained sense of the common people.


On the carriage trip back to Tegperi with my father, Tristan, and Ethan in the summer of my thirteenth year, I told them that I did not want to be a part of society in the future. When I told him, he remarked, “You’re still young, and you don’t have to make a hurried decision about your future.” He promised to let me register as an apprentice adventurer in exchange for enrolling at the academy.

My father, who sometimes engages in affairs with female mages and knights, does not think that marrying into a high-ranking family is the best thing for a woman.

My father made a trip to Hicomite with the three of us. And I became an apprentice adventurer named [Addy] at the Hicomite branch of the Adventurer’s Guild, accompanied by Ethan.

When I became an adventurer’s apprentice, I told only my father that I had the space-time attribute.

My father was a strong pioneer of the theory that space-time attributes, in addition to holy and light attributes, should exist, and he was so enthusiastic that I couldn’t grasp what he was saying.

As a researcher, he wanted to explore it, but as a father, I was told not to use it in public.

If it had been revealed that I possessed two characteristics while the engagement was still pending, I would have been a likely candidate for his highness’s fiancée. In addition, I may have been exploited or suspected of anything.

Transference is useful in crimes such as theft, murder, and building an alibi. I’m glad the original villainess couldn’t use it.

To see if it is possible to transfer other living beings, I tried it first on a lab rat and then on my father. It was possible when he was with me.

I also tested the space-time magic protection with my father, and found that the range of the protection could be extended freely, and that it was strong enough against physical and magical attacks

It came out that earth magic could also be used to construct a barrier similar to bulletproof glass, so he had me promise to use one of these whenever I was alone.

My father also gave me my own house in Hicomite and a small detached house in the Duchy of Royal Capital. Both of them are used for transferring, with no one but my father and I being allowed to enter.

I guess I’m too privileged for my own good. My wealthy father is incredible. I’ll be living alone at the Hicomite house after I graduate.

So I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the Royal Capital and Hicomite since the summer of my 13th year.


(I haven’t seen it again today.)

And when I come to Hicomite, I always come with a little bit of expectation and always leave a little bit disappointed.

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