Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 13

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The location of the first family meeting: the living room of the Duke’s residence in the Royal Capital.

1. My grandmother is attempting to marry me off to the second prince.

2. That I definitely do not want to get engaged to the second prince.

3. If at all possible, I do not want to enroll in the academy.

Father: His fiancée will most likely be the Marquess of Demont. She is the only female of His Highness’s age who possesses two attributes. Despite the fact that she has fewer magical abilities than you.

Brother: Adele, you’ve always claimed you’d like to meet His Highness, but are you certain you don’t want to be his fiancée? The Marquess of Demont and the other women actively conversed with His Highness at the tea party, but Adele did not.

Me: What kind of person is the Marquess of Demont?

Brother: Hmm, a very normal person.

Father: So far, no one has approached us. If Adele does not wish to marry him, there is no need to be antagonistic to the Marquise of Demont and marry into the royal line; you have the right to marry anyone you wish.

Me: Huh?

Father: If Adele doesn’t change her mind, I will speak to His Majesty before Mother comes to the Royal Capital.

Brother: I will also tell His Highness in a way that will not be rude.

Me: Thank you very much! Please?

I’m glad I spoke to both of you! If this is how it goes, I should have consulted them as soon as I got my memory back.

I’m sorry to be the villainess to the Marquess of Demont.

Father: But you should go to the academy as a child of nobility.

Me: I’m too sickly; can’t I just stay at the estate and rest? If it isn’t an option, I can study abroad.

Father: You don’t have to decide right away if you don’t want to go to the academy.


I spent the rest of the winter and spring in the Royal Capital.

One day, I received an invitation to a tea party from the Marquess of Demont.

I’m not really sure why they invited me. I opted not to go since I was certain that I would become exhausted if I went.

My father used to give me accessories and dresses for my birthday, but now that I no longer wear them, he asked me what I wanted for my 13th birthday present.

I asked him for a trip to the ducal villa in Yaka, Tegperi’s territory. There is a hot spring in the villa. It would be a good place to move to.

Tristan also requested the trip as a present for his 15th birthday the following month, and the two of us went on a trip to a hot spring. This is a heroic event.

I enjoyed the ride on the Wind-demon-horse and Tristan’s agony getting on and off the carriage to help me.

The baths at the villa, both indoor and outdoor, were spacious and just the right temperature, and I enjoyed them to my heart’s content. I felt like my young skin had become even smoother.

Tristan looked adorable after his bath. It would have been preferable if there had been some Japanese elements. I’d like to come here in a yukata next time.

On the way back, we picked up Ethan in the capital of Sanju.

Ethan will begin his studies at the academy next month and will live in the duke’s villa in the royal capital. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, and he had grown in stature.

In a month and a half, my grandmother will come to the royal capital.


The second family meeting

Father: I told His Majesty that I wouldn’t marry off my little Adele.

Me: Thank you very much, father!

Ethan: Uncle, you’re being foolish.

Brother: I asked His Highness, and he said there were no definite plans yet.

Father: He promised to make a decision by the time you got to the academy. Although nothing has been decided, His Highness believes the Marquess of Demont is the best option. Adele appears to have been one of the candidates. Of course, she is the most beautiful.

Ethan: I don’t know if Grandmother would approve.

Father: If she tries to push Adele, I advised His Majesty not to listen to her. His Majesty will notify the Queen and Queen Dowager ahead of time.

Me: Thank you?

Yes! Your Majesty, please take care of everything!

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