Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 12

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I heard that the Adventurer’s Guild was crowded in the morning and evening, so Ethan came to pick me up before noon.

However, my enthusiasm for being an adventurer has dimmed considerably.

Yesterday, on our way back from the forest to the carriage, we were attacked by a rabbit with a horn.

It seemed to be a weak demon-beast that even an inexperienced adventurer could kill. My guards killed it quickly, but I was frozen and could not move. I don’t know if I can be an adventurer.

I was almost discouraged before the visit, but I was still excited when I stood in front of the Adventurer’s Guild building.

The Sanju branch of the Adventurers’ Guild is the second largest in the kingdom. The largest is the Hicomite branch, which houses the dungeon.

Some of the adventurers are ruffians, and there are few women, so I dress as a man and cover myself with a hood. Sophie waited at the restaurant where we were having lunch.

We open the door and go inside with Ethan and the guards.

There’s a bulletin board on the right wall, a counter in front, and a bar on the far left. There are a few people here.

Looking at the bulletin board where requests for herbs were listed by rank, I followed Ethan as he proceeded toward the counter and handed the herbs off to a male receptionist.

There are orders for defeating demon-beasts, guarding, gathering materials, and various tasks.

“Does Ethan have a party?

“No, I don’t have a party, but I sometimes go with my friends who have the same E rank.”

I want to use space-time magic, so I’ll solo.

The only things I can do on my own are collect, clean, and transport them in a relatively safe place.

Though the compensation is low, if you utilize space-time magic and perform a lot of it, you could make a decent amount of money as a courier.

I felt a presence next to me, so I looked to the side and saw a bipedal Fluffy standing there looking at the bulletin board.

(They do exist!)

He has the appearance of a raccoon and is a bit shorter than me. He is dressed in a yellow bow tie and has no clothing on. He’s wearing a backpack.

I was looking at him curiously, wondering what he was up to, when another adventurer said, “Let’s go.” He quickly walked away from the bulletin board.

(Don’t go fluffy.)

With disappointment in my eyes, I sighed at the departing fluffy with the striped tail when Ethan said, “Do you want a servant?”

I believe he’s referring to the bipedal Demon-Beast.


I met Sophie at the restaurant, and we had lasagna for lunch and drank pomegranate juice.

“I want to sign up as an apprentice adventurer in the Hicomite branch. I could do collections or odd jobs. And I’d like to go into the dungeon.”

“That’s an excellent idea: odd jobs. But, even if Uncle agreed to let you go, Grandmother would not. “

If I’m going to be an adventurer, I’d like to live in Tegperi, where Tristan rules, so I can help the territory.

“Oh, by the way, Ethan, buy me the new one of my brother’s portrait if there’s any good.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


I gave Sophie the day off because I wasn’t leaving the residence today.

I practiced riding in the morning and said goodbye to the horse I had always ridden. After lunch, I told the servants I was going to take a nap and locked myself in my room.

(Transferred to the forest).

I moved to the place where a horned-rabbit attacked me the day before yesterday. At least I want to get used to a weak demon-beast.

As soon as I had set up the protections around me with space-time magic, I heard a rustling sound and a horned-rabbit attacked me.

(There it is! Earth Wrap!)

I wrapped the rabbit in earth magic.

After waiting a while and removing the earth wrap, the horned-rabbit stopped moving. I put the demon-beast in the item box.

I killed another one in the same way while collecting herbs, and then used space-time magic to transfer to the storage room of the orphanage.

Since I don’t see anyone, I go out and take the horned-rabbit to the orphanage’s kitchen. I want to cook a stew out of it and feed it to the children.

I also added some extra cookies that I had stored in my item box.

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