Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Too Simple Tea Time

“. . .Me and Lisette-sama, you mean?”

“I can’t guarantee the taste, though.”

“If it’s something Lisette-sama offers me, I’ll gladly drink it, even if it’s muddy water.”

“That’s a little scary. . .”

I simply invited him to have tea, but he had an expression of disbelief and seemed extremely delighted.

I guided him for the first time into the house. Grandma seemed to be visiting a friend’s house since morning.

“This is Lisette-sama’s room. . .”

As I led him into my small and dilapidated room, I offered him one of the chairs that could break at any moment.

Sitting on the creaking chair, Ralph looked around the room and had a somewhat shocked expression for some reason.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just. . .I couldn’t help but think that even my dog has much better living conditions.”

“Are you picking a fight?”

His comments were too straightforward. It seemed that he was living quite a good life at the moment. By the way, I’m used to this kind of life from my previous life, so it’s not difficult for me. 

“I find it strange that while I live a luxurious life, Lisette-sama lives like this.”

“It’s really what I choose to do. Don’t worry about it.”

Even though I said that, Ralph still had an expression that showed he wasn’t convinced.

I brewed two cups of tea with cheap tea leaves and placed them in front of Ralph and myself. I also added the sugar I received from the neighbor the other day.

“I’ve never had such delicious tea before.”

“Oh my.”

“Really. I could bet my life on it.”

“Oh. . .”

Even though he should be accustomed to drinking high-quality tea by now, Ralph kept saying how delicious it was over and over again. He seemed so happy, like a child, that I couldn’t help but smile along.

“. . .Besides Grandma, no one else has been allowed into this room.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, Ralph is the first.”

In response to that answer, he said, “Is it really okay for me to be this happy?” and “I like it,” blushing as he laughed. 

“Grandma’s grandchild occasionally comes, but I always desperately try to stop him from entering.”

“. . .Is it a man?”

“Yeah. He’s a nobleman of the same age as me.”

“I see. It would be quicker to kill him.”

“Kill. . .?”

Sometimes Ralph says such dangerous jokes that don’t suit his beautiful face. I wonder if it’s a trend in the city.

Eventually, he had a serious expression and looked at me.

“What do you think of your current life, Lisette-sama?”

“. . .I think it’s peaceful and happy.”

Of course, if I were to say I’m satisfied, it would be a lie. Although I’m used to this life, it’s far from the dream of love and marriage. 99% of the people here are elderly.

But in order to not die, I have no choice but to live here.

“Do you really like this place?”

“. . .”

As if he could see into my heart, Ralph continued.

“Do you have no intention of living as a noble in the future?”


“Do you dislike nobles?”

It seems he remembered that I said I didn’t like nobles a month ago. It was more like an excuse, and I don’t particularly like or dislike nobles themselves, just people like my mother-in-law or sister-in-law.

“It’s not that I dislike them. It’s just that. . .how do I put it? You know what, just forget it. I have no manners or education as a noble anyway. If I were to enter social gatherings in this state, I would only be laughed at.”

“If anyone dares to make fun of you, I will eliminate them.”

“. . .What?”

“So, I will kill everyone who dares to make foolish moves, so rest assured and don’t worry.”

Once again, a remark that was too dangerous came out of Ralph’s well-shaped lips. I thought I misheard, but it came back even more dangerous, so it surprised me.

He continued to wear a gentle smile, which made him even scarier.

“I will protect you from anything.”

“. . .Ralph?” 

“I will never let you suffer. I will provide everything Lisette-sama desires. If there’s anything I can do, I will do it.”

It sounds like a proposal. To me, who thought of such things as if they were someone else’s business, he continued with “That’s why. . .”

“Will you live with me in the capital?”

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