Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Small Changes

After that, Ralph came to me every day.

“Good morning, Lisette-sama. You look as beautiful as a goddess today.”

He said that with a dazzling smile that could make my eyes hurt.

I had intended to ask for his help only once, but a month had passed since then. He worked from morning until early afternoon, occasionally chatting with me and leaving with a happy expression.

By the way, he would ask every day if there was anything I wanted, whether it be money or any kind of gemstone, but of course, I declined. If I had to say, I wanted a longer lifespan.

“I have finished all the tasks here.”

“Thank you.”

Even though I told him not to come, he would come on his own. I thought he would eventually get tired of it, so I gratefully let him do the work. But instead of getting tired, he seemed happy every day, which left me bewildered. 

Moreover, he worked several times, or rather dozens of times, more than an ordinary person. He would handle any dirty job with a smile, as if he had experience in everything. Since Ralph started coming, both Grandma and I had no work to do.

Even I, in my own way, began to feel a considerable sense of guilt.

“Hey, Ralph. You’ve already thanked me enough, so you don’t have to come anymore. Thank you for everything until now.”

At the end of one day’s work, when I clearly said that, he had an expression that seemed like he was about to cry.

“. . .Was I a bother?”

“No, it’s not like that.”


He took my hand and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Please, don’t say that I don’t have to come anymore. Being able to be of use to you is my reason for living.”

“Uh. . .”

“What’s more, not being able to see Lisette-sama is the most painful thing.”

His words were quite heavy. It was hard to describe, but he had a face that seemed to say I was his everything. It was too heavy. 

That being said, Ralph was undeniably handsome. He had quickly become the idol of this village, and unfortunately, I myself was weak to his face.

──In the end, I was overwhelmed and ended up having him help me again today.


“What are we doing today?”

“I plan to gather medicinal herbs in the forest.”


By the way, Ralph was quite skilled at taking care of animals. His work was far from that of an amateur.

I had always been disliked by animals, and they would be afraid of me. I secretly felt envious.

“Lisette-sama, please be careful of your footing.”

“Thank you.”

──Honestly, I was bewildered by myself for starting to get used to this inexplicable existence called Ralph. And he was incredibly kind to me.

Even though I clearly wasn’t the person Ralph had imagined, there was no sign of disappointment.

“I have found it.” 

He quickly gathered a basket full of herbs that should have been rare, and I couldn’t help but smile. Ralph truly exceeded all expectations.

Seeing me laughing, he also smiled happily.

“Are you pleased?”

“Yes. Hehe, Ralph, you’re really amazing.”

“I have better eyesight and physical abilities compared to the ordinary person.”

Indeed, even when I watched him work in the fields, his physical abilities were abnormal. It was as if he had some type of strengthening magic, but he didn’t.

“And, your face is better than most people.”

Casually saying that, the basket slipped from Ralph’s hands.

“. . .Thank you very much.”

Moreover, his face turned bright red. I had intended to say something that anyone could see, but it seemed to have embarrassed him.

Somehow, I also felt embarrassed.

“I’m glad. . .to receive praise from Lisette-sama.”

“Well, well.”

“I thought it was good to be born with this face, for the first time.”

It seemed that Ralph was indifferent to his own appearance. If anything, having such a beautiful face must come with its own difficulties.

“I love you, Lisette-sama.”

“Yeah, yeah, thank you.”

And Ralph started saying “I love you” to me more often.

At first, I unintentionally felt my heart race, but it seemed that Ralph’s feelings towards me were not love or affection. I had become able to take it lightly now.

Perhaps he mistook his feeling of gratitude for love.

Putting the fallen herbs back into the basket, we headed back the way we came.

“Coming here every day, aren’t your parents worried?”

“No, they’re fine.”

Even when I asked about his background, he always evaded the question. It seemed that he was two years younger than me.

When I saw him at the wedding, he seemed like a high-ranking noble. But he was so free here, so he might be the youngest of the Baron’s family in the countryside. I quietly began to think. 

By the way, I was planning to meet Liala soon. Ralph had arranged for us to meet. I felt that I had already repaid them more than enough for the help I received.

“Are you really planning to come here every day from now on?”

“Yes. As long as you are here, Lisette-sama.”

“You’re quite peculiar.”

“I love Lisette-sama.”

“. . .”

Although he was originally an orphan, Ralph must have already experienced a luxurious life as a noble. And yet, he never complained and continued to help me like this. Honestly, it touched my heart.

“Well then, excuse me.”

And just like that, after finishing today’s work, he said, “Thank you for letting me help you today,” and tried to leave.

I couldn’t help but stop Ralph.

“. . .Um, if you’d like, would you like to have tea or something?”

Before I knew it, I had made such a suggestion.

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