Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Crisis

Since the day we reunited, Ralph didn’t come for the first time.

I wonder if it’s because I rejected his absurd proposal to live together yesterday. However, I also think it’s only natural to refuse.

I appreciate his feelings, but having him take care of me and living together goes beyond mere gratitude. Besides, I don’t know anything about Ralph.

Moreover, if he were to live with a mysterious young woman, it would likely affect his future. It’s better this way.

“Oh, Ralph-sama didn’t come today?”


“It’s a miracle that such a wonderful person came and helped us with this work.”

“. . .Yeah.”

Grandma, who always greeted Ralph, had a lonely expression. Actually, after spending every day together for a month, I was feeling a bit lonely too.

But this is my usual daily life. I just want to live quietly and peacefully for a long time. That’s all I need to think about. 

In order to blow away unnecessary emotions, I planned to work energetically today as well. But thanks to Ralph working too much every day, there was nothing left for me to do. 

Anyway, I decided to go outside and opened the door.

“Oh, don’t startle me. Long time no see, Lisette.”

“. . .Roy.”

Right in front of the door was Roy, Grandma’s grandson. As a nobleman’s son, he occasionally came to check on Grandma as instructed by his parents.

“You’re still here in this place? Aren’t you tired of it?”

“That’s because I plan to stay here for the rest of my life.”

“A girl like you wasting her days here, in this countryside? How about living together in the capital?”

“No, thank you.”

Despite not having a bad appearance or family background, he has always approached me like this. His taste is just too terrible.

But still, being invited by men two days in a row to live together in the capital, what on earth is happening?

“Well, if you ever change your mind, feel free to reach out to me.”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks.” 

After saying that, Roy entered Grandma’s hut. I let out a deep sigh and decided to go pick some wild strawberries. So I headed towards the forest.


“Alright, I’ve gathered a lot.”

About an hour later, with a basket full of wild strawberries, I happily made my way back to the hut.

Thinking about making some sweets with these, I was humming a tune while walking when I heard the sound of rustling leaves from behind. Without thinking, assuming it was someone from the village, I casually turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes.

There, standing before me, was a monster that closely resembled a bear.

“Why. . .”

Why is there a monster in this forest? After all, this was supposed to be a sanctuary where monsters don’t appear.

“N-No way. . .”

My mind went blank, and I couldn’t breathe properly. My heart was making a loud noise, as if it was in pain. My fingertips trembled with coldness.

It was getting closer and closer, and in a panic, I started running frantically. I didn’t want to die. Why is this happening? I don’t want to die!

But being caught was only a matter of time. Eventually, I was cornered at a dead end and collapsed on the spot. 

──Ah, I’m going to die again.

It seems that this time I’m not 20 years old. What sanctuary? Please don’t joke around. I was tired of everything. I also wanted to live carefree like a normal girl.

I was thinking about such things incessantly.

“. . .?”

The pain that was supposed to come never arrived.

Eventually, when I cautiously opened my eyes, the monster right in front of me was somehow frozen like a statue. Its body was trembling slightly, and its eyes, reflecting me, were filled with a strong color of fear.

──Why are you being scared of me?

After a few seconds with such a question in mind, the body of the monster split vertically.

With a thud and a splash, an unfamiliar sound, it collapsed onto the ground. A pool of bright red blood spread, and the warm liquid soaked my feet.

And behind the mass of flesh, I noticed that someone was there. In their hand was a large sword about the size of a child, and as soon as I saw their face clearly, I held my breath.

“Lisette-sama, are you alright?!” 

Ralph had an expression that seemed like he was about to burst into tears, and he rushed over to me. It seems that he defeated that monster.

“I was late coming here because of work, but I hurriedly followed your presence and came this far. Why is there a monster in this place. . .”

“. . .Why.”

Who is he, to be able to take down such a massive creature with a single blow? What is this so-called presence that he followed?

Amidst these questions that kept popping up, the scene in front of me gradually darkened, and I lost consciousness with a snap.

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