Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Inquiry

When I went to the castle, I found His Majesty, Her Majesty the Queen, His Highness the Crown Prince, Miss Ina, His Holiness the Pope, His Eminence the Cardinal, Duke Periknen, and His Excellency the Prime Minister.

I quickly scanned the entire room, but Lex was not yet here.

Kneel on both knees and lower my head.

“Vilhelmina Peltra, by your command I have recalled you.”

“Hmm, you may proceed.”

I was called to the conference room. This is my first time entering, but it is probably the highest-ranking conference room that is used only when His Majesty is present.

The interior has dignity and there are neat chairs arranged in a square. The most honored seats at the back are occupied by His Majesty Vainamo III and His Holiness Namadrius IV, and two chairs are arranged in the lower seats. It is a seat for me and Lex.

I sat down on one of them.

Only His Holiness the Pope smiled, and the others had a poor complexion or an uncomfortable look.

Since no one can speak without a statement from a high-ranking person, an awkwardly long silence fell in the room. His Majesty slowly opened his mouth.

“Uh, Mrs. Peltra.”


“How are you.”

“I can’t sleep at night because I am anxious about my captured husband…”

A sound came from His Majesty’s throat. Fufu, no matter what is said, it seems that it can only be returned with irony. His Holiness spoke because the conversation had stopped.

“It’s been a long time, Mrs. Peltra.”

“It’s been a long time, Your Holiness.”

People around show an expression of surprise as if to say “Is she really an intimate friend?”

“Have you lost some weight?”

I put my hand on my cheek.

“I’m sorry for showing you an unsightly appearance.”

“There’s nothing unsightly about it at all. You’re still as beautiful as ever. But what’s going on with your husband Mr. Peltra being captured?”

Cardinal Johannes, out of sight of His Holiness, makes a gesture as if to tell me to “be silent”. I don’t care!

“It was about two weeks ago. I was called to the royal palace regarding my husband’s invention, and I was talking with His Majesty while I was there. The Cardinal was there and there was an accusation that my husband Alex’s invention was heretic. “

“Johannes, is that true?”

His Holiness turned around. The fat face of the person asked, blood draining from it.

“W-Well, that’s it. Uh… “

“Answer. Remember that this is an official inquisition. Is it true that there have been accusations of heresy?”


“Who made the accusation?”

“I-I can’t say here for the sake of protecting the informant.”

Indeed, that must be the case, but in this case, the person who initiated the accusation was His Majesty.

“Good… have you arrested Mr. Alex Peltra on suspicion of heresy?”


“As a result of the interrogation, was he found to be a heretic?”


“Then why hasn’t he been released?”

While wiping the sweat flowing from his forehead with a handkerchief, he answered.

“W-We haven’t been able to interrogate him yet.”


I secretly patted my chest.

Thank god my barrier was properly activated and maintained.

“It’s just that… he’s surrounded by some sort of invisible wall that can’t be touched and he’s locked in the room we were talking about at first.”

“Hm, so you’re saying that he’s being held captive. I asked if he’s in good health a moment ago, and you confirmed it, but does that mean you haven’t interrogated him?”

“That’s… that’s what I mean.”

You say “interrogated,” but in reality, it’s not just interrogation, it’s torture.

“Why hasn’t the report about this gone up to this old fool?”


“Of course, you have tried to break the spell, haven’t you? It didn’t work, and the <Barrier> has been maintained for a long time, and Johannes has not been able to handle it.. Then it’s a case that should be reported to the Miraculous Bureau or this old fool, right? Am I wrong?

“That’s not…”

“Have you made a report to either side?”

“I am in the process of preparing to do so…”

“Then if I go to your estate later, I should be able to read the letter that was sent there, right?”

There is silence.

“Keep in mind, this old fool is an inquisition…”

“I’m sorry!”

Johannes prostrated himself on the floor, folding his body.

“Well, we’ll continue this later.”

His Holiness Johannes said this and turned his gaze towards the entrance. There was the sound of knocking. A soldier said in a loud voice that could be heard well.

“Alex Peltra has arrived!”


I stand up without thinking and look back.

Lex sits in a wheelchair, pushed here.


I ran to him without thinking. I tried to embrace him, but I was repelled by the barrier so I released it and embraced him.


“Ah, Mina. I’m glad to see you.”

He smiled thinly and replied with a hoarse voice.

We leaned our cheeks together.

…Ah, how skinny he became. After all the time I’ve spent trying to get Lex’s physique closer to the standard, this is a step backwards from when we met.

I knelt down and stared at Cardinal Johannes.

What do you mean good health!

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