Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Indignation

“Stand up.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m not hurt or sick.”

With that Lex gets up from his wheelchair. I supported his right arm and walked a few steps with him, and he bent his knee.

“Alex Peltra, I have moved out at your request.”

“Very well, go ahead.”

I helped Lex stand up, but he was light. It was a worrying lightness.

“You’ve lost a lot of weight.”

His Majesty asks.

“While being imprisoned in the Cardinal’s mansion, I only refrained from touching the food that was given out while being cautious of poison. Please don’t mind me.”

“…I see.”

“Mr. Alex, it’s been a while.”

His Holiness addressed him. Lex nodded while sitting.

“Yes, it’s been a while.”

“Is there anything suspicious about the church that makes you wary of poison?”

Lex stopped his movements and thought. No, he wasn’t thinking of what to say from the movement of his gaze. He was hesitating, or rather, he was determined.

“It’s not suspicious of the entire Church, but I can’t trust the Patrikainen royal family or the Royal City’s Cathedral Church.”

“How disrespectful!”

“Do you intend to say that you have been acting in a way that deserves respect from us?”

“It is only natural for the people to obey and respect the authority of the king.”

Lex sat down in his chair, crossing his legs as if nothing was wrong.

“With authority comes the power to order unholy marriages, to seize achievements, to prosecute the innocent, and to demand respect even from the accused.”

Lex laughed through his nose.

“What a load of crap.”

“What did you say?”

His Highness asked, with Miss Ina blushing in embarrassment.

I leaned forward a little and gently pulled Lex’s sleeve.

“Husband, the words of the commoners are not transmitted to them.”

“It is more painful to swallow your request than to eat excrement, but why don’t you try to eat your own excrement first, Your Majesty?”

“Seize him!”

The king stood up and shouted, and the guards who were waiting drew their weapons and ran forward, while I prepared to pluck my necklace.


His Holiness yelled.

It was not a sound but a wave of magic. Everyone’s movements stopped as if the air itself had solidified.

“…Mrs. Peltra is a fearsome woman. Everyone, don’t move. It is she who holds the power of life and death over everyone in this place.”

In my hand shines a magic stone. Look at it.

“Will you not put aside your anger, O king? This old fool has lived long enough, but he does not wish to die.”


“Don’t you see? The large stones attached to that necklace are all filled with magic. And they are about to explode. What do you think will happen if they explode in this conference room with no escape?”

I say.

“If you pull out your soldiers, I will stop it.”

The king drops his body into the chair as if his waist is broken and orders the soldiers with a wave of his hand. I also placed the necklace on my knee.

“Mrs. Peltra has quick judgment. Should we say that she has made up her mind?”

“Of course.”


“Because you are making my gentle husband so angry and have suffered such wretched eyes. I am a follower of God, but I am not of the disposition to forgive enemies like the holy saints in the scriptures.”

Cardinal Johannes says.

“Wait, it was his own decision that he ate little or no food, and I didn’t force him to do so!”

“Yes, that’s probably just as my husband said earlier. As for the righteousness of Cardinal’s imprisonment, I’ll leave it to my husband to talk about, but there’s one thing I can say. If it’s okay to say this, then the Cardinal should also reduce his weight by half or less, don’t you think?”

Suddenly, His Holiness Namadrius IV laughed.

“Well, for a cleric, he’s too fat.”

“I don’t think he’s upholding the virtue of moderation.”

“Vilhelmina Peltra, let me forgive your anger’s vice. In exchange, may you forgive Johannes’ vice of gluttony here?”

I nod, and His Holiness makes the sign of the cross twice.

“With this, the sin is forgiven.”

A cough from His Majesty.

“Your Holiness, I would be troubled if that crime were forgiven in my country. She’s a traitor who tried to kill the king.”

“Hmm, I have no intention of interfering in domestic affairs. That’s not my role as Pope.”


His Majesty affirms with vigor and The Cardinal remains downcast, for it is the Pope’s role to judge The Cardinal’s sins.

“As for her treatment, if the discussion of foolery is over here, then it’s up to your freedom.”

I nod too.

“Well, Alex Peltra. It seems difficult for this old fool to just pray and forgive your anger.”

Lex remained silent and shifted uneasily.

“Why did you feel that anger? I need you to confess.”

His Holiness smiled with a nod.

“Well, let’s see. Ordered an unblessed marriage for the commoners, tried to seize the results, and even allowed to be questioned for an innocent crime?”

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