Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 95

Chapter 95: The Crown Prince and His Holiness

“His Holiness the Pope, Namadrius IV!”

In the audience chamber, the soldiers raise their voices outside the gates. Me and Ina bow our heads side by side. The king, Father does not wait on his throne, but must stand up and descend from the platform to wait at the same height.

Slowly, with one hand taken by a servant boy, the old Pope walks with the white silver scepter in his other hand.

Wearing a papal robe embroidered with gold thread in blue and white, the crown on his head is shining with gems far larger than those of the Patrikainen royal family crown.

Under that crown shines deep blue eyes. Eyes that see through the heart.


I thought my soul was grabbed the moment I saw it.

I sweat profusely. Ina looks at me worriedly.

“Welcome. You’re Holiness Namadrius IV.”

“Oh, King Vainamo III, thank you for welcoming this old fool. But it seems we’ve come at a difficult time.

Father greets and His Holiness responds.

Cardinal Johannes beside me trembled.

There are those who call yesterday’s lightning a divine punishment among the nobles and commoners who have no voice, but such rumors are unlikely to reach the Pope’s ears.

However, for the Cardinal, it would be no surprise that the ceremony that was supposed to be held at his own cathedral with the Pope’s invitation is now being carried out with anger by another church.

And after finishing all the ceremonial greetings.

“By the way…”

His Holiness sat down in a chair and opened his mouth as if he suddenly thought of something.

“I was looking forward to meeting the Peltra couple, but they are not here, are they?”

Everyone felt the air freeze.

Pope laughed like a grandfather, but his eyes seemed to be watching over everything with a cold detachment.

Father says in a hoarse voice.

“T-They are commoners, so they are not here.”

“Ah, I see. That’s disrespectful.”

“U-Um, Your Holiness. Do you know them?”

Cardinal Johannes also says with a constricted voice.

“Yes. I’ve met them once, they were very interesting young people. Speaking of which…”

His Holiness’ gaze turns this way.

“I heard that Mrs. Peltra was originally engaged to Prince Elias.”


“A few years ago, Mrs. Peltra, or rather, at that time she was Miss Vilhelmina. It is said that she had a bad reputation in town, but rumors are not always reliable.”

“I-Is that so?”

I cannot affirm that. If it turns out she was not an evil woman, then my expelling Vilhelmina will have no justification.

“I see, so Mr. Alex Peltra must have guided her in a good direction.”

“…That’s a blessing.”

Dammit, what a humiliation.

Does the Pope mean to say that the commoner is a virtuous person more than I am and that I have to admit it?!

I hide my anger and nod.

“By the way, I heard some silly rumors before entering the capital.”

While saying this, he points upward with his finger. In the direction of the cathedral.

“Could you see the lightning from yesterday from outside the capital? Is it some kind of divine punishment?”

…He knows, I feel a sharp sound echoing as if a crack entered my heart.”

“Such things…are just silly rumors of lowly people.”

“It’s no good, Your Majesty. Calling your important people as lowly. But, yes, there is some truth to the rumor that it’s all nonsense.

A slight look of happiness appeared on my father’s face, which had turned pale.

“Y-Yes, that’s right! There’s no such thing as divine retribution.”

“Yes, God doesn’t directly intervene in trivial matters that happen on earth and impose punishments.”

As he said that, the Pope made a sign with his hand, imitating the holy seal.

His head swayed up and down slowly.

“…The question is why there is a rumor about divine punishment.”

And then he became still.

“I hope the Peltra couple are doing well?”

“Y-Yes, they are in good health!”

The Pope sighed.

“I‘m still the Pope. I hope it’s not a lie. Is it better for me to visit their mansion as a guest or for me to summon them here?”

In this way, the public meeting in the audience hall ended in a short time and the nobles were sent back.

And then, messengers began to run in a hurry.

It’s frightening to meet in this place, but it’s even more frightening to meet without seeing. That’s the feeling.

When I felt dizzy, my hand was gently held.


Her chocolate brown eyes fixedly gaze this way, holding my sanity in place.

Her hands are also trembling. Hiding her mouth with a fan she holds in her opposite hand, she leans in and whispers.

“My happiness is with Elias-sama.”

It was a word that didn’t lead to any specific solution.

Almost becoming angry, I clamp my mouth shut in front of the fierce one.

Ina quietly turned her face away. Still holding hands.

No, I… that’s right… didn’t I drive away Vilhelmina who would make a concrete contribution there? Didn’t I just want Ina to give me peace of mind?

Consider carefully.

Who said that?

Look back at the past, cherish the present, and consider the future carefully.

There’s only Vilhelmina. After that, what did she say?

“Mrs. Peltra Vilhelmina-sama has arrived!”

The voice of the servant echoes through the audience chamber. Doom has come in all its beauty.

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