Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Arrival of the Pope

The thundercloud that covered the capital thickly dropped two thunderbolts and seems to have faded away as if it fulfilled its role.

It was a thunderbolt of immense power. Hilka and the maids are shaking with fear.


Are you okay? I thought I asked, but I couldn’t hear my own voice. It’s like this even from a distance. I told Lord Oliver to not hit people with lightning and to strike the tower instead, but I wonder how much damage has been done on the side that was hit. Glass must have been shattered too.

“Uh, uh.”

Finally, the sound has returned. I gave instructions to check the damage of the mansion, the appearance of the royal castle and the cathedral, and headed to the balcony room where Lord Oliver is.

He sat in a chair with a satisfied expression that he had done a good job.

“It was magnificent, Lord Oliver.”

“Hm, that’s right, that’s right!”

Incidentally, if I were also captured by the royal family on the day of the audience, the story was that I would drop this towards the throne. They are also lucky to have survived.

“Well, my work is done now. Of course, if the soldiers ever attack this place, my magic will fire again, but not while His Holiness is here.”

“Yes, now it’s time for politics.”

He shrugs his shoulders.

“I hate to talk about this. If only we could just concentrate on practicing and researching magic. Anyway, we’ve come this far. Alex, make sure you save him.”

Lord Oliver and Lex are close. Despite having different backgrounds and areas of expertise as researchers—one running among the elite and the other being controlled by the aristocracy—they both respect each other.

I take the courtesy of a lady.

“Please leave it to me, I will save Lex without being told to, and A&V Company will always deliver top-notch magic stones to Lord Oliver and his family.”

He straightens up and extends his hand. I put my hand on it and he kissed the tip of my finger.


‘His Holiness the Pope has entered the capital today!’

‘A dazzling thunder in fine weather! The collapse of the spire of the palace and the cathedral.’

‘A huge thunderbolt in the capital, is it divine retribution or the anger of God?’

‘A miracle of purification before His Holiness’s entry into the capital?!’

And the headlines the next day read this way. There had already been a public opinion being built up to make the royal family and the Cardinal the villains. Of course, there wouldn’t be any articles suggesting the involvement of A&V Company or magic.

Since yesterday, removal work has been carried out in the location where the thunderstorm struck, and the spires of the castle and the cathedral have been covered and hidden with white cloth.

It seems that many of the soldiers who surrounded our mansion were called back due to the urgent incident. There is also a high-security guard. This is not only to maintain security and order in the main street where the castle and high-security guards parade, but also in the capital.

From the balcony of the mansion, you can see a little bit of the parade.

From the balcony of the mansion, you can barely see the high-security guard riding in a horse-drawn carriage without a roof, surrounded by cheers and scattered with countless petals, slowly heading to the castle.

And the next day.

There was an emergency call from the royal family.

“Messenger, welcome.”

“We can meet today.”

There is a clear discomfort in his voice as he responds to my greeting. I had turned him away without seeing him for more than 10 days.

I smile with a forced appearance and speak in a small voice.

“I’m sorry. I understand that it’s disrespectful, but your husband has collapsed from the stress of being captive…”

To be honest, I may be maintaining it with magic, but I haven’t slept for more than 10 days. I’m exhausted and it must show.

When I rubbed my tired eyes with a handkerchief, I saw sympathy in his face.

“I see, but this time I can’t just say no.”

The messenger cleared his throat and spread out the letter and read it.

“From the request of His Majesty, the Unsinking Sun of the Great Kingdom, Vainamo III, Vilhelmina Peltra is to hurry and come to the castle.”

“As you wish.”

I asked.

“His Holiness, Pope Namadrius IV is also visiting the castle. Is it alright for me, a commoner, to come to the castle at such a time?”

“His Holiness mentioned your name, a married couple, hurry and prepare yourselves!”

“I am humbled.”

I took a deep bow and hid my face with a smile.

Then I turned on my heel and called for my servant.

“Talvo! You heard, we’re going to the castle so get ready. Hilka! Get dressed, hurry!”

As I walked, I quietly whispered to Hilka.

“We won.”

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