Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: A Bolt

It’s been over 10 days, and I’ve just been maintaining the barrier without breaking it.

I have plenty of magic. There is a magic stone with Lex, and there is also a magic stone in my possession. I use tea and awakening magic to fight off drowsiness, but fatigue accumulates like sediment in my body and heart.

Even so, I try to make my body as comfortable as possible at night so I can rest. The maids take turns to stay awake, and watch over me so that I don’t fall asleep.

The morning light dyes the east sky purple and red, and light enters the room. Is it fortunate that I can see the morning view because I can’t sleep?

“Everyone, let’s take turns. It’s time for bed.”

“Yes, have a good day, Madam.”

“Yes, have a good day.”

The night shift maids say goodbye and leave, and other maids come in.

“Madam, here’s today’s newspaper.”

Hilka brings several newspapers, including those from major newspapers and street vendors.

She sits next to me and spreads them on the table, reading them to me.

‘The Behind the Scenes of the Prince’s Happy Engagement’

‘What is the true face of Vilhelmina, the supposedly evil woman?’

‘The Savior of the Slums, A&V president, Mr. Peltra Captured.’

‘Investigating the Suspected Relationship between the Crown Prince and The Cardinal!’

‘His Highness Elias is on the brink of falling! …Or is he?’

Major newspaper companies can’t write articles that directly criticize the royal family, but sensational articles that attract readers’ attention can be added to things like mass-oriented ones or hand-written newspapers for the poor.’


It makes me smile.

“Madam is smiling evilly.”

“That’s because we are feeding information to the newspaper company, and even providing funds to small and individual places. It’s a sneaky thing.”

“But they are also happy to make it into an article. Because Madam’s popularity is secretly high among the poor.”

Well, that may be so. We are doing various types of donations.

Hilka opens another page of the newspaper and shows it.

“And this one.”

‘His Holiness Pope Namadrius IV, finally entering the capital city tomorrow!’

News of the Pope entering our country came recently, and finally he is entering the capital.

“Well, finally.”

The face of when I met him once comes to mind. And then it depends on whether the Pope will act in the way we want him to…

“Madam, your tiredness is showing on your face. I must polish it well.”

“Yes. I’ll rely on you.”

There will surely be bags under my eyes, but before that…

“Contact Lord Oliver. As I told him before, he’ll take care of the performance.”


Our queen, Vilhelmina, says:

“If it is a power that no one will believe it is the work of a human being, and it is a power that no one can think of, then you may use it. If it is a power that may be doubted, then don’t use it.”

Our queen knows how to tickle a magician’s self-esteem.

“You can use as much magic stone as you want, as long as it’s not 100 carats.”

And she knows what the magicians will be happy about.

In other words, it means to blast it with all your might.

The tools for the magical ritual are carried into the balcony of the Peltra family by the disciples, and they are purified by holy water. Only I stand on the balcony. But in the room that leads to the balcony, the disciples gaze at me with dazzling eyes.

They have never seen a full-powered magical ritual performed by a great magician. No, it is more than that.

Standing in the center of the balcony, I take a deep breath and look at the capital and the eastern sky.

“The king of wind is in front of me, the king of water is behind me…”

Ah, yes. It’s been a long time since I have used the incantation to summon the four great spirits. Ritual magic that I cannot control without chanting, even though I have mastered magic and can discard chanting at will.

“The king of fire is in my right hand, and the king of earth is in my left hand…”

Around me on the ground are hexagonal stars, and there are five-pointed stars in each direction. In 26 places, the tips of all of them are thunder attribute magic stones created by my magic power.

“By the five-pointed star of my inner flame and the six-pointed star of radiant light, I command. Rise up, king of the wind.”

The surroundings are filled with a dense aura. Although there is no one except me.

But I can see the wind king, who silently looks down on me with his golden magical eye. I look up at what seems to be his face and smile.

“Cover the sky, hide the sun wheel, show your power in a dark world.”

The blue sky is in a hurry and the capital is covered by thick black clouds.

In a cloud, countless microscopic ice cubes accumulate strength by rubbing against each other. The image of a cloud is that of a stirring cloud.

It does not rain. Just the wind blows and the thunder clouds writhe ominously and roar.

I can see the confusion of the people in the capital. The disciples behind and the servants in the mansion also look up at the sky. I know their feelings…I told them not to look.

“There is no escape from the king of all living things with the power of his arms. The light of heaven shatters all things, and its name is Thunderbolt!”

As my hand is thrust into the sky, my magic power flows into the wind king, and the king, who swelled up like a giant, waved both his hands held up in the sky.

The entire sky is dyed pale blue by the surge of lightning. And the sky was broken twice by the thunderous sound.”

In the mansion, screams can be heard throughout the capital city.

And one of the spires of the cathedral and one of the watchtowers of the castle clattered and fell with a sound.

The figure of the wind king disappears. I use up my magic and my legs become unsteady.

While collapsing onto the balcony, I muttered.

“…This should be enough for divine retribution, my Queen.”

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