Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Prayer

The windows in the reception room are covered with storm shutters, and multiple entrances have been blocked, leaving only one open. There’s a sound of heavy objects being moved on the other side of the door. It must have been blocked by something.

In front of the remaining door, soldiers from the church are guarding this place instead. Their weapons are drawn from their sheaths, and they appear to be on high alert.

I sat on the high-looking chair that the Cardinal was sitting on earlier. To be honest, I would rather sit on my well-used sofa at home.

“Don’t sit there on your own!”

I don’t care.

The soldiers are moving uneasily and arrows are being brought in. Lightning ran earlier when I was touched. Is it a projectile this time?

The voice of Cardinal Johannes is heard.

“Killing is not an option. Aim for his limbs!”

The sound of a bowstring being tightened, the sound of cutting through the wind. I involuntarily close my eyes, but the arrow doesn’t reach me.

With a high-pitched sound, the arrow is shot and slides on the mahogany desk, leaving a big wound.


No, I don’t know. I lower my head.

“Don’t give him food! Let him starve!”

Oh, I see. So there are torture methods that do not involve physical harm.

I’m not given food, but there was wine on the shelf, so I drank a little bit. It’s not a satisfying amount, but I was lucky to have cheese and dried fruit.

When The Cardinal saw me drinking, he got angry, but I didn’t care. He said that it’s something that even a commoner like you who saves up money can’t buy vintage wine.

“Unfortunately for this good wine, it’s not delicious when you’re imprisoned and drinking it.

“You! At least change it to another wine we serve here!

“I can’t because there’s no guarantee that it won’t be poisoned.

I couldn’t even get water, but I used Mina’s magic stone that has a water attribute, carved a circle in The Cardinal’s expensive-looking wine glass with the arrowhead of an arrow shot into it, and processed it into a magic tool that gives a small amount of water.

Regarding the toilet, when I asked if it was okay to make the reception room filthy with urine, a pot was prepared and properly collected, so that was comfortable.

Thunderous sound.

The bell brought in by the soldiers was ringing.

I’ve cut and processed my clothes to use as earplugs, but it’s not something that completely blocks out sound. It’s not so bad that it lasts forever, but it still gives a large unpleasant feeling.

Endure, Mina said. It’s not me who’s going to have a hard time if I have to set such a barrier. All I have to do is just sit tight until they save me.

Don’t waste your physical strength. Don’t think. We, as researchers, know it. Complex thoughts particularly use physical strength.

Sit in a chair and keep dozing off day and night, without distinction. Just believe in them.


We set up a barrier around Lex’s surroundings. It should be safe now. Probably. Just in case.

I’m worried… Yes, I’m uneasy. I’m familiar with using magic for making magic stones, but this is my first time actually using magic, and the target is not right in front of me, so I can’t see the results.

“It’s okay. The spell has been perfectly activated.”

Mr. Oliver said that, looking at my expression.

“Oliver, I felt like your magic was used too.”

“I can’t maintain it for that long, but it’s a spell that causes lightning to run through things that are touched with hostile intent. I wouldn’t want our president to be taken lightly just for defense.”

“Thank you.”

I bow my head and then turn to everyone and speak to them.

“Well, we took action to protect Lex for the time being, but let’s talk about our actions again. We should basically avoid entering and leaving the mansion. When we leave, we should always do a roll call and sign our names. To avoid getting caught outside, and if we do get caught, so that it can be immediately recognized.”

Yes, there was an affirmative response.

We had prepared for the siege. We have enough food stored and we can make water with magic, so we can feel relieved about that.

We also have a stockpile of magic stones, but I inform everyone to continue their own production and to stop using the appraisal office until its safety can be ensured.

“Tell all messengers from the royal family, church, and Periknen kingdom to be sent back. There is no need to take over, just say that everything is under consideration.”


Talvo answers.

“Respond to the newspaper company as previously communicated. Researchers, is there anything else?”

“How is Madam doing?”

“I’m going to my room to rest! If anything happens, call me right away.”

I say that and return to my room.

In the midst of Hilka and others, I remove the heavy dress I wore to hide the magic stones, and I put on a soft nightgown to rest my body.

I am not allowed to fall asleep from now on. If I sleep, I cannot maintain the spell, and the magic will be released.

Lord Oliver says they will cast a spell so that they no longer need to sleep, but fatigue accumulates. Try to rest your body as much as possible while keeping awake.

But there is something that needs to be done first.

I knelt on the floor and offered a prayer.

“Lord, those who have lost the fairness brought by Your justice and wear a crown of falsehood, who deceitfully use Your name and wear a false red, are present in this land. My husband, Alex, was captured by their hands without committing a sin. Lord, please become his refuge and hiding place, and be his swift help in time of distress. Amen.”

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