Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Trapped

I had gathered all the employees who were in the capital today and closed the Simple Magic Appraisal Office for the day. This was because I was considering the possibility of an attack.

After getting off the carriage and entering the entrance hall through the entrance, there were servants, guards, researchers, magicians, and adventurers lined up except for the pathway opened for me, with no room for stakes.

I went up the stairs to the landing by myself and called out to Talvo, who was at the front of the group.

“Talvo, give me the report while I was away.”

“Yes, there is a soldier’s surveillance around the estate, but there has been no intrusion or attack. All the servants and employees are safe. We have brought all the belongings from the appraisal office here for now.”

I nodded and looked at everyone.

“Everyone, my husband, the master of this estate, the head of A&V company, Alex, has been imprisoned by the church.”

The news must have come back soon after leaving the castle. There was no surprise on their faces, only anger filled the hall.

“They even have an outdated inquisitor and suspect Alex of heresy. They say they will release Alex’s body if we disclose the latest research results to the state.”

I face the railing with the fan I was holding in my hand and let it fall.

The fan was broken into pieces.

“Is this kind of violence allowed!”


Voices of denial rise up in chorus.

“I won’t be swayed. I have no intention of responding to such a request.”

I then looked away for a moment.

“However, this shows that the king and the head of the church in this country have completely turned into enemies. There is also danger. It may also affect family and friends. You are free to distance yourselves from here. Nevertheless, we will never hold a grudge and we promise to protect those who have left to the best of our ability.”

There was no reply, only eyes looking straight at us.

“Now let us move on to the battle. First, forward Oliver Lord Algren.”

“May I be of service, my queen.”

Mr. Oliver said that and made a bow, and then went up the stairs.

“Use your magic to perform the <barrier> spell.”

“It is dangerous and I do not recommend it.”

“It’s not a problem.”

“As you wish.”

I held out my hand and he knelt down and took it. His magic formula flowed from my hand.

Our voices overlap naturally, and the voices of the two overlap.



“Alex Peltra. It seems you have made a valuable invention.”

The one speaking to me is Cardinal Johannes. He’s not usually the type to talk to someone like me, but this is only the second time I’ve seen him since I married Mina.

I was taken to the Cardinal’s estate, which was built next to the Cathedral in the capital.

When I stay silent, he continues,

“But something of that value should be managed and used by those who truly understand its value. Not commoners.”

The Cardinal, sitting on a luxurious golden armchair that could be mistaken for a throne, received a cup of wine from a ceremonial attendant, and the wine was poured.

I can understand why the church can’t maintain its dignity with just simplicity and frugality.

But does the house of the clergy need to shine this much? I was once placed in an orphanage after my parents died and there wasn’t much of value in the priest’s room except for a candlestick.

Is this a reception room? Although my chair hasn’t been moved or prepared for me to sit in, I’m listening to the conversation while standing.

“I’m not saying I’m going to take everything from you. If you offer your technology, I won’t use it for evil.”

“I have no intention of offering it.”

He laughs with a snort.

“It’s a waste. No one can withstand the inquisition. You will end up wasting your body and soul. Take him. Just don’t kill him.”

The inquisitors on either side of me nodded. Then they roughly grabbed my arm, and a bluish light and thunder clapped.

They screamed and fell to the floor.

The guards drew their swords and ran over, standing between The Cardinal and myself. They then thrust their swords at me.

“You! What have you done!”


As expected, it’s the Cardinal’s guard. They seem to have offered prayers like a holy knight and used magic… or should I say, divine magic?

“It appears that he is using a <Barrier> spell. It is likely something that shoots lightning bolts at the enemy.”

“<Dispel> it!”

“I’m sorry, he seems to be a higher level magician than I. I’m trying, but the <Dispel> isn’t working.”

“Alex! Are you a magician?!”

“I don’t know.”

Of course, I’m not a magician. Lord Algren used Mina to cast the spell called <Barrier> with the large amount of Mina’s magic stones that I had now embedded in my clothes.

“Stop the spell!”

So I can’t stop it. I don’t need to teach you that, though.

I say with a smile that appears to be sarcastic.

“You call yourself the Cardinal, yet you can’t use sacred magic.”

“Be silent, you lowly thing!… damn it, you’ll stay there until the magic wears off!

Thus, I was able to escape the torture chamber and was locked up in the reception room.

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