Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: The Audience Room 1

Jurremi has returned. Apparently, he went out the kitchen door again wearing a rag.

Beside the maid lowering the tea cup, Hilka approaches and asks.

“Was it right that I told Jurremi-sama?”

“It’s okay. I don’t actively want to reveal information, but there’s no need to hide it either. To put it another way, I need that person to handle things well.”

“Handle things?”

“Yes. Assuming that we become the victors from now on, the Duke Periknen will become the loser. But I don’t want that person to be ruined.”

Everyone in the room, not just Hilka, nods.

“Yes. We servants also owe a debt to Jurremi-sama.”

“…Even if we lose, Jurremi must face the change. With the publication of Lex’s research, the pioneering spirit of revolution has now been unleashed. It’s not just this country. It will change the world.”


Hilka briefly looks away and nods towards the wall. When looking in that direction, another maid was muttering something while writing down notes with a pen in her hand.

“…the pioneering spirit of revolution has now been unleashed…”

“Wait a minute!”

They ran away while laughing. Oh, my God.

A few days later, word came that the head of the commercial guild had been summoned to the royal palace.

I told him that he doesn’t need to hide us. That is, our existence will be revealed to the royal family and the Duke family.

However, the royal family is moving faster than I thought. Whether it’s the surviving spies of the royal family or Jurremi or Miss Ina’s advice.

At the breakfast table, I told Lex about such a thing and concludes.

“So, we’re being directly summoned by the royal family.”

“Well, that’s inevitable. What are we going to do?”

“Honestly, if we want to buy time, we can abandon the mansion, laboratory, office, and all go on a trip.”

Lex nods.

“It’s best to take advantage of the time until His Highness Namadrius IV comes.”

“But hiding may hurt us in the future when we negotiate with His Holiness or neighboring countries. This is a place where we should face it head-on now.”

He started laughing.

“Your mind has already moved on to what happens after you win, hasn’t it?”

That’s what it is. I nodded.

Well, by that afternoon a messenger had already come.

“I proclaim the word of His Majesty Vainamo III, the unfailing sun of the kingdom, the supreme  throne!”

We kneel and listen to the words. Well, it’s not Your Highness, but a messenger of His Majesty.

“Peltra couple, you are commanded to ascend to the castle tomorrow. Tomorrow, when the second bell rings, a carriage will come to pick you up. Also, at that time, you are instructed to bring the magic stone making machine registered at the commercial guild!”


“Understood, sir.”

With these words the messenger left, but he left behind a large number of soldiers stationed around the house. I suppose they were there to watch us so that we would not escape.


“Yes, madam.”

I called out to the butler who was kneeling behind us.

“Prepare for tomorrow. I’m sure it won’t come to that, but if the soldiers try to break into the house after we leave tomorrow, fight back.

“We’ll prevent them from sneaking in the front door, even if it costs them their lives.”

“Therefore, it’s okay to use as much magic stone as you want.”

And the next day, in the audience chamber.

“We are pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Peltra!”

The soldiers who line up on both sides with spears held aloft and advance through the midst. This is the largest hall in the castle, and in the back is the king’s throne.

It’s been a long time since I entered here, but I can’t see his appearance yet. That’s because I have to lower my eyes and move forward.

However, there are few signs of people. Sometimes noblemen, military officials, and literary officials stand side by side along the straight carpet, but today it must be a confidential audience.

We proceed in line and stop in the middle of the hall. Then we bend our knees to the floor and lower our heads.

“His Majesty the King, the sun of this great kingdom, says, ‘Raise your heads!

The messenger who carries out the voice to the king raises his voice so that it reaches here.

I slowly raise my face. The guests are His Majesty, His Highness Elias, Duke Periknen, followed by the Prime Minister and close advisors? Then there are civil officials, secretaries, soldiers, etc. They are all clustered in the back, so I can’t see their faces. Our area is deserted.

“His Majesty, the sun of the great kingdom, speaks! Come close!”

I wonder why His Highness Elias or His Majesty does not recognize that I am a commoner. Of course it stops here.

Holding down Lex’s arm as he tries to stand up, I raise my voice.

“I inform the close advisors. It is determined that commoners may only proceed this far. Do not talk in your sleep!”

I sense a disturbance from the close advisors.

“A-As Mrs. Peltra says. It is determined that commoners may only proceed this far. Do not talk in your sleep!”

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