Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Ina’s Move

Jurremi furrows his brow.

“You can even make even a magic stone of that size freely?”

“It takes some time and I have no intention of mass-producing it, but I can make it. I already told His Holiness that I would offer him another magic stone of that size to invite him to this country.”

We are to offer Mr. Oliver’s 100-carat magic stone with lightning attribute.

“…Production volume?”

“As of now, it’s around 1,000 carats per day with the total weight of scrap magic stones. In addition, there are a few pieces over 1 carat.”

“Is that simple appraisal office the mechanism of magic stone production?”

“Well, you can imagine what I’m talking about, can’t you?”

“Yes, that’s not the only one, but it’s the most productive volume.

Jurremi is silent for a while and taps his elbow with his finger. When his tea was refilled, he opened his mouth.

“But isn’t it dangerous? I think Father would reach Big Sister immediately in this state.”

“I’ve made sure it’s safe even if he gets there, that’s why I’m making the patent public.”

“Even if this place is attacked, it’s okay?”

“Because I’m storing magic stones here, right? If they come here with the intention of scorching the whole of Capital City, they might get us.

“Uh… but what about the office?”

I lean forward.

“Look. If by chance Father attacks the office, try to stop him if possible. If he does attack, make sure you can prove that you have nothing to do with it, okay?”


Jurremi tilts his head.


Looking into each other’s eyes, I carefully watched as he nods.

“Understood. I’ll definitely not get involved… but why?”

“Because I’ll outsource this business to the church later.”

Jurremi looked up at the sky. If you were to oppose the church’s business, your entire family might end up being executed.


One day, Elias-sama received a letter from his father-in-law, Duke Periknen, asking for an urgent meeting. Elias-sama invited his father-in-law to the afternoon tea with Ina the next day.

“Good day, Stepfather.”

Ina takes a lady’s bow.

“Long time no see, Duke Periknen, or should I call you my future father-in-law?”

It seems like Stepfather’s mood is not good. Although he sometimes shows a short-tempered attitude, he is usually a relaxed person. Today, he seemed more flustered than usual and his greeting was so-so. He started talking about what he probably wanted to say.

“Originally, there were things I wanted to present to His Majesty…”

I don’t think it’s very proper to say that directly to Elias-sama. Elias-sama’s eyebrows twitched for a moment.

“The king is very busy. Even so, if it’s the Duke, it shouldn’t be too long a wait. Is it so urgent that we can’t even wait for that?”

When Elias-sama said that, Stepfather began to talk about the commercial guild informing him that they suddenly cut the purchase price of magic stones in half.

In half…?


Elias-sama rests his chin in his hand and thinks. Stepfather spoke in a hurry.

“Your Highness Elias is no stranger to this. We are all in this together. We must put pressure on the guild to stop this.”

“I understand. However, that’s not the issue. The reason the country allows the guild to lead the trade of magic stones is based on the agreement that they can trade with stable prices. In other words, the guild has demonstrated that they can handle magic stones at least for a year even without Periknen selling it, indicating its price.”


“No, it is impossible to offer that price without it. It would be the guild leader’s head or the guild’s very survival. Do you have any idea where the guild gets its source?

Elias-sama and Father-in-law are discussing. Ina knows nothing about the economy, but there is one thing she knows.


The murmur stopped the two from talking.

“Vil…what’s wrong with that person?”

“No, I don’t have any proof, but I think she did it.

“Why do you think that?”

“She once said, ‘No two dragons can’t live on the same mountain.

Father-in-law becomes angry.

“What nonsense! I should have killed her at that time!”

“Don’t be a fool. If you had killed her there, there’s no way I and Ina would have been recognized.”

Vilhelmina-sama told Ina that she would let Ina suffer the same fate as Elias-sama. Is it unjust to pull a bow against such a person?

No, that person would say. Since Ina is the fiancé of the Crown Prince, she would do everything she can to make it happen.

“Please investigate the relationship between Vilhelmina-sama and the Commercial Guild, or things like magic stones, magic elements, magic power, and magic. And call the head of the guild. He should be obliged to give an explanation if he is going to let the magic stone be sold at that price.”

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