Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 87

Chapter 87: The Audience Room 2


His Highness Elias cries out.

“Disrespect to His Majesty will not be tolerated!”

I respond without complying, keeping my focus in front and at the feet of His Majesty. After all, it is considered impolite in etiquette to directly look at His Majesty’s face. But it’s too late now.

His Majesty signals to His Highness Elias to scold him, and he is called over to whisper.

“His Majesty, the sun of the great kingdom, says so! Disrespect is not punished. But we cannot see your face there. I ask you once again to move forward.”

Well, I would say that if you want to talk at such a distance, don’t bother to invite us to the audience hall.

We stand up. I place my hand on Lex’s outstretched right arm and slowly move forward.

Continuing to walk, I confirm in the corner of my vision that I passed the position where Duke Periknen stands.

Just as I was about to step onto the royal step, the Kingsguard came running up to me.

“You! How far do you think you’re going?!”

I stop and tilt my head.

“I am doing so on His Majesty’s orders to approach, but to block that, are you rebels?”

“There will be a stop for the nobility!”

Lex raised his voice.

“We are commoners. Why did you think we would stop at some unspecified place where the nobles stand?”

The Kingsguard tried to object, but the Advisor raised his voice as if in a hurry, blocking the Kingsguard’s way.

“His Majesty speaks! So stop there because it doesn’t matter! Kingsguard, go back to your posts!”

The Kingsguardleft, and I gaze at His Majesty from the front. A man in his mid-40s, with a dignified face with deep-carved, golden hair and blue eyes, the same as His Highness Elias.

“Will you not kneel!”

The voice of His Highness Elias comes. Ignoring that, when I was gazing at His Majesty, His Majesty lowered the Advisor and said.

“Allow me to give you a direct answer, Mrs. Peltra, you have changed a lot.

“Not changed, but I was forced to change. My former fiancé broke off our engagement in public and stripped me of my position and honor. Neither my father nor the person who was supposed to be my future father-in-law saved me.”

Here I smile and look up at Lex.

“Only he saved me.”

His Majesty frowned. The rough voice of Duke Periknen is called from the side.

“Isn’t it because you tried to assassinate my adopted daughter?!”

The Majesty sighs and says, looking straight ahead without speaking.

“It doesn’t matter what others say.”

I turn my body towards my father.

“Duke Periknen, it’s not because I tried to assassinate, it’s because I failed at assassination. I lost the political battle. So, I have no complaints there.”

“Then why did you do something to cause the price of the magic stone to plummet? We know you brought a large amount of magic stones to the guild!”

“That’s a strange thing to say. Of course, because I am alive and I am not brokenhearted. In other words, the political war is not over yet.

I spread my right hand and indicate the entire audience.

“Well, I’m back here. It’s the second act of the court battle.

Duke Periknen’s expression distorts with anger.

“How dare you lay a hand on the magic stones, the main industry of my territory!

“I wonder if the people here know where we get the magic stones from.”

When I tilted my head, His Highness Elias answered.

“I assume you applied for a patent in the commercial guild, inventing a magic stone making device under the name Alex Peltra.”

I nod.

I see, is that all you know about it? Should we assume that the secret of the appraisal office has not been revealed?

“Yes, that’s right. It was a coincidence that my husband was involved in the research of magic stones…”

Lex pulled my sleeve lightly, took a step forward, and stopped speaking. Then he began to speak again.

“At the National Research Institute where I used to work, I was treated coldly. This was due to the fact that, in addition to being one of the institute’s few commoners, my research on magical elements and magical stones threatened vested interests. I was also subjected to pressure from magicians, and even without pressure from the lords themselves, I was subjected to it through their subordinates or the scheming of nobles affiliated with the institute.

It’s the first time I’ve heard this story, but it makes sense.”

Lex continued.

“In that case, as a commoner who was matched by the Duke’s daughter Vilhelmina, who was banished by His Highness Elias, our meeting as husband and wife was not accidental but inevitable.”


I smile and put my hand on Lex’s right arm, gripping his sleeve tightly. He kindly smiled and nodded back at me.

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