Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Patents

After returning to the capital from a short trip abroad, I returned with Lex to the commercial guild.

A massive building that could even rival noble estates, but the ones coming in and out are many merchants and carriages.

“Well, shall we go?”


Lex and I took a deep breath in front of the building. Our destination is a corner on the third floor of the guild. It is a quiet corner in the lively guild.

There is always a Patent Department gate in the commercial guild of each capital.

With my hand on Lex’s arm, the two of us headed towards the reception.

“I’m Alex from A&V. I came to apply for a patent.”

Hilka, the maidservant who followed us like a shadow, handed over the documents from the bag she was holding.

These are what was recorded in the patent application documents that I had ordered in advance.

“Yes, thank you very much… oh.”

The receptionist exclaimed in surprise.

This was probably because the submitted documents were a bundle of hundreds of pages.

“As indicated by the first piece in this application for a patent, it is a device for producing magic stones.”

“Magic stones… producing… huh?!”

Her eyes widened and she looked at the title in a flustered manner.

Another staff member peered at the situation, seemingly surprised by the voice.

Talvo, the butler who had been accompanying Hilka, took out a device from the trunk.

“It is a mechanism that, if left in place, would produce a 0.1-carat magic stone in about three days.”

I spread out my fan and smiled behind it.

What Talvo took out now was something made by connecting the Lex1 and Mina1 engines.

It cannot be disassembled without destroying it, and its performance is much lower than what we are using now.

“Wow, amazing invention! Umm, may I talk to the higher-ups about it?”

Yes, that’s even more groundbreaking.

We were led to the reception room and was explaining to the Commercial Guild Leader and the head of the Patent Department.

“…so this mechanism collects magic elements from the atmosphere and crystalizes them.”

I gaze at the interior of the room while drinking tea. As expected of the commercial guild in the capital city, the interior is magnificent but it is not high quality as it only showcases things that are easily recognizable and of value.

The head of the Patent Department has begun his calculations. The Guild Leader asks.

“How is it?”

“It is a wonderful invention, but it is not profitable. The amount of magic stone produced is too insufficient for the materials used. This is something we can expect a lot of research on in the future.”

“I see, Mr. Peltra. Will you be asking for financial support for the creation of a new model?”

Lex shakes his head.

“No. We already have an improved version of this. An improved version of this has already been made, and we at A&V have already begun production of magic stone on a large scale.”


“The improved model is!”

Fufu. Lex tapped the stack of patent application forms on the desk.

“In this patent application, there are tens of thousands of patterns available for combining materials to create the mechanism of the magic stone manufacturing device, so that’s one of them. You can check that if you like.”

Because it is a combination of magic element absorption and crystallization. 100 patterns x 100 patterns will amount to 10,000.

“Do you really think such lawlessness will be allowed?!”

They rose up in rage.

With a snap, I clapped my fan and his movements stopped, his gaze directed towards me.

It’s not necessary for me, who is just a commoner’s wife, to draw attention. But this is a gesture of discomfort expressed by the wives of nobles and aristocrats. There’s no doubt that those who are doing business with them are also paying attention.

“…I wonder if it’s really appropriate to publicly announce that invention?”

“So, what do you say?”

When I knocked on the desk with the fan, they awkwardly sat down in their chairs.

“Well, we don’t mind disclosing all the technology that we’re currently using to make magic stones. It’s an extreme case, but it would be easier for us if we disclosed everything.”


“Because if people all over the world were to make this for us, we could live a life of leisure just on the massive patent royalties. Right?”

“…That’s right.”

“Not doing that is out of consideration for you commercial guilds, but… let me ask you again. Is it okay to make it public?”

I take a sip of the tea that was offered. To make them think.

“…To the world?”

Words leaked from the mouth of the Guild Leader.

Yes, the matter of making it public as a patent is not just for this country, this guild.

“So it’s not about taking advantage of us…”

“Rather, it might even be harmful.”

“So you are saying that countries with a large amount of capital at the moment will be able to produce magic stones more extensively?”

I smile.

“Which one will control the world, the Pope’s Office in the south or the Empire in the east?”

He shuddered as if he were chilled.

“Of course, such a future could eventually happen. If you’re willing to move the hands of the clock forward here. We’re willing to share all the technology we have with the public?

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