Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Contract

“Mrs. Peltra… what do you want us to do?”

The Guild Leader asks.

“I, as a mere common woman, cannot say what I would have the leader of a commercial guild do. I only offer you the choice of whether to publicly announce the latest research, or to patent it in secret.”

In other words, even if the technology is disguised as being an epoch-making invention but not yet profitable, other countries’ development will be delayed. The commercial guild only needs to start researching before them.

Even if some organization finds an efficient combination, it will still be included in the tens of thousands of combinations submitted this time. We don’t have any problems as the contract fee will come to us.

“…Thank you for your consideration. We will keep it a secret as you wish.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

The Guild Leader bowed to us. However, the head of the Patent Department is looking at us suspiciously.

“What is it?”

“Is that technology really something of such value?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“It means I haven’t asked about the specific production volume. I am not impressed that the Guild Leader would bow his head without any explanation.”

“You, stop it. You just don’t know how much the president of the Royal Central Bank has invested in the start-up company A&V and how much Mr. Cremetti, the president, cares about them. You just don’t know.”

Ah, I see. So that’s why the Guild Leader came to hear about the patent themselves. They already realized the value of Lex’s invention.

“But still…”

A fan makes a fluttering noise.

“I don’t want to show my hand. Sorry. However, I don’t mind if you deduce it from the fact that I was going to request a business negotiation from now on.”

The Guild Leader says with a cheerful smile after telling the head of the Patent Department in silence.

“Well, that means you’ll be selling magic stones?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I tap the closed fan with my palm and feel Talvo, who has been standing behind me, bowing his head and walking out of the room.

“If you can regularly sell magic stones at the wholesale price, then it would be fortunate for us… that, uh, I mean…”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Our relationship has already been cut off.”

They know that I am a former Periknen, and I guess that bothers them.

“I apologize. The Duchy of Periknen has tried to reduce the amount of magic stones brought into the capital and has raised the prices. If we try to import from overseas, the transportation costs and tariffs will increase, and if we bring it from other territories within the country, the output will not be stable.”

I nod, and the Guild Leader continues.

“So, if we can procure it through another route, it would lead to price stabilizationization and counter the price increase.”

“… it’s not enough at all.”

“Is it difficult to produce enough to counter Periknen’s price increase?”

“No, it’s the opposite. What’s lacking is your recognition and determination.”

“Determination… is it?”

The door was knocked on, Talvo came into the room with the head of security and his men lined up behind him, carrying a trunk.

“Stack them up and hand them over.”

At my command, Hilka lowered the tea in front of me and Lex, and the guards opened the trunk and lined up its contents on the desk.

It was a glass jar packed with magic stones, with dozens of them lined up on the desk.

“What is missing is the determination to change the world.”

The heads of the commercial guilds were frozen with their mouths wide open, as if they could not speak.

“We guarantee that the contents of the ink inclusion in the magic stone raw stone are VVS or higher with less than 1 carat. Here, the total weight is exactly 100,000 carats, which is 20 kilograms.”

“100,000 carats?!”

I smiled.

“If you take our hands, we’ll give you this wholesale at 80% of the official price. How about it?”

The Guild Leader smiled.

“It’s been a while.”

I nod my head.

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. It’s like being hit in the cheek with a bag of gold.”

“Was it unpleasant?”

“No… No, I’ve woken up. Yes, wagging your tail to the royalty and the aristocracy is not the end of the business.

The head of the Patent Department stands up and shouts.

“Guild Leader! You’ll make an enemy of Lord Periknen and the royal family!”

“Do you know what it means to take my hand in the first place?”

Because Lord Elias was spreading rumors and plays that insult me. You should know that there is a rift between us.

The Guild Leader shook his head sideways.

“You, I told you to keep your mouth shut earlier, didn’t I? Let me ask you a question. What will you do if Periknen lowers the price of the magic stone to compete?”

“If the opponent drops the price by 8, let’s lower the price by 5 more. We will continue to lower the price until Periknen goes bankrupt.”

“I see, it’s of a different caliber.”

Thus, at the commercial guild, we went as far as to make a contract for patent and wholesale.

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