Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: On the Way Home

“It was a hectic trip.”

A voice came from next to me.

“There’s no helping it though. Nevertheless, we did manage to meet His Holiness.”

I turn to the luggage that fills the passenger cabin of the carriage.

“I was able to buy a lot of souvenirs.”

Up until now, we lived like a middle to lower class nobility, with a household and servants, but it would not be accurate to say we lived extravagantly. If you consider the production of magic stones, it’s rather modest.

However, this is foreign territory, and there is no watchful eye. So I used it a bit.

“To be dragged around like this for shopping…”

Lex looked tired.

This was partly because there was no spare time on the itinerary, but also because he is not accustomed to this kind of shopping.

“It wasn’t like this when I was a Duke’s daughter, you know?”

“… How can you buy more?”

“Fufu, just call a merchant to the mansion and say, ‘I liked it, buy everything for me.’ The shopping this time may be more tiring.”

Lex shakes his head.

Jewelry, dresses, magic stones, technical books desired by Lex, tools, gifts to give to friends and servants, sweets, land for opening a shop here…

Indeed, I bought various things.

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that His Holiness has responded favorably to our request.

Lex’s stomach rumbles.

“Excuse me.”

Lex seemed to eat very little during this trip. I think he was not hungry due to tension and fatigue.

I took a box of sweets from among the souvenirs.

“Shall we have it here? It’s bad manners.”

As Lex nodded, I peeled off the wrapping and opened the box.

Small chocolates are neatly arranged.

Both of us picked one and put it in our mouths. The scent of rich cocoa spreads in the nasal cavity.

For a while, silence filled the room. Lex rolled the chocolate in his mouth and muttered.

“But was that the right thing to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“The conversation with His Holiness. Of course, I understand that there isn’t much time.”

“We haven’t reached a point where we can discuss specifics. I’m sure His Holiness would like time to make adjustments within the church.”

“You’re talking about what you said before about not being considered a heretic.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is considered heresy. If we talk about extremes, we can deceive people by calling Lex’s technology a miracle and start a new religion or country. The son of God, Alex, has descended to the world to save the masses.”

A deep wrinkle was carved between Lex’s eyebrows.

“The son of God, Alex-sama!”

I take a pose as if I’m worshiping.

“I hate it. It wouldn’t work out so well even if we tried.”

“Of course, I hate it too. But there is enough power to do that… at least His Holiness would have thought that there was a possibility, right?”


“Of course, we can never win in terms of the number of soldiers, but if we consider the vast magic stones in a local battle…”

Lex takes the sweet from my hand.

“Let’s stop talking about evil things.”

Holding a box in his left hand, he plucked a chocolate from it and pressed it against my lips. It flowed smoothly between my lips and spread a strong sweetness in my mouth.

Lex’s face is flushing red. But mine must be even hotter.

“I don’t want to play tricks on a future that’s not possible. Let’s think about happiness.”

I, who cannot speak, scoot close to Lex with my butt sticking out and filling the seat.

As Lex tried to escape by half shifting his butt, I filled the gap even further.

His right hand, which didn’t have chocolate, floated so I made it wrap around my shoulder.


I melt and drink the chocolate before opening my mouth.

“This is the place to be.”

His hand on my shoulder is tense. I stroke it gently and ask him.

“Have you gotten used to women?”

“I haven’t gotten used to women.”

Lex shakes her head.

“But I have gotten used to Mina being next to me.”

“Just used to it?”

“…I think it feels good to have her next to me.”

Haha. A smile rises on my cheek.

Until we returned home, I rested my head on his chest.

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