Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Tea Party

“Well, Sarusti-sama, you have come a long way.”

I perform a lady’s salute. Today, I invited her to the mansion as a guest.

The person who got off the carriage is Milcah, the daughter of Count Sarusti, who was once a close friend.

She ran to me after getting off the carriage steps with the help of a servant.

“Stop it, Vilhelmina-sama! If I were to be treated like this by Vilhelmina-sama, I would be so sad that my heart would break!”

“Fufu, I am a commoner now.”

“It doesn’t matter, like old times with Milcah.”

“Yes, Milcah-sama.”

“Come on, you don’t have to use the honorific anymore. Thank you for inviting me today.”

She also performed a lady’s courtesy to me.

Later, several carriages arrived. I invited those who were particularly close to me, among my old friends and Milcah-sama.

The invitation was for a tea party. However, only those with good personalities who won’t spread malicious rumors and have firm words are invited.

Although it is a mansion, only those who are happy to be invited to the home of someone who has lost their status and become a commoner, and who has a good character, not someone who spreads malicious rumors.

First my friends. In time, the letter of introduction given by my brother will come in handy.

In other words, I aim to create a foundation in the noble society.

“It may be small, but it’s a wonderful mansion with proper management.”

“Hey, the staff are truly wonderful as well.”

“The tea and the cannoli are delicious.”

Everyone praised me with compliments. After the tea, I will start to get to the point.

“I am involved in business. It may not be something fitting for a former noblewoman, but…”

“That’s…it’s not like Vilhelmina-sama is lowering herself.”

Milcah-sama says so.

“Yes, if I were to fail, I would become frail with disappointment.”

“And you are successful, aren’t you? You’re very good at what you do.”

“Fufu, I have just started my business. Hey, are you interested?”

Everyone nods.

When I raise my hand, the maid who was waiting in the corner of the room lowers her head and pushes the service wagon from the adjacent room.”

There is a box delicately painted with a butterfly dancing, with fine goldwork on top of the wagon. The box has a handle like a gun handle made of processed magic silver attached. It’s the completed(modified) Mina #12.

“This was invented by my husband.”

“Well, it’s a nice piece of work.”

Milcah was asked “Can I touch it?” so I nod.

“Fufu, what my husband is making is inside.”

“What kind of tool is this?”

“Do you want to know?”

Everyone nods.

“It’s absolutely a secret.”

Everyone nods.

“If the secret is leaked, I might be killed.”

“Is it really that serious?!”

“That’s how amazing my husband’s invention is. Shall we try a little performance? Hey Milcah-sama, are you interested in earning pocket money?”

“Pocket money… I’m interested, but I don’t want to risk it.”

She answered with a little red cheek.

Oh my, what did you imagine? Well, it may be a common thing for fallen noble daughters and wives.

“I swear there is no danger at all. It’s just like a little plaything. Milcah-sama, can you hold this?”

I put the box on the desk and asked her to hold the handle of the Mina #12.

Milcah carefully holds the handle. The people around her seem to be interested.

“Do you put magic into it?”

Yes, Milcah-sama also has magic. Most nobles of a certain rank have magic. And the young ladies will end their lives without using it. But in order to pass on the magic to the next generation. Just in the hope that one day a great magician will come from their lineage.


A sound of a bell came out from the box. It is set so that a sound will ring when a magic stone is made.

I receive the box and open the drawer part that became the drawers. A magic stone with a little reddish fire attribute included, it’s about one carat in size. It’s smaller than what I make, but it’s still significantly larger than what the commoners make.

“It’s an invention to turn magic into magic stones.”


The magic stone is passed around among the young ladies.

After one round, I collect it and put it in the jewelry box.

“And here’s your allowance.”

I take out one gold coin. Roughly, how much will it be worth in current circulation, about half the price of buying a one-carat uncut magic stone?

I put it in a small cotton drawstring bag and handed it over to Milcah-sama.

“Oh, my God, I made some money!”


Milcah-sama looks very happy.

Yes, the noble daughter doesn’t have her own money.

That’s because all bills are sent to the house and paid later. Basically, the head of the household or the butler takes care of the payment.

“Hey, hey, can I do that too?”

Everyone else looks interested as well. Of course, yes. That’s why I collected it.

After everyone is happy to get pocket money, I quietly take out the catalog.

“If you like, I have something you can buy with that.”

I say and show the catalog. Today’s cake, a handkerchief with a little embroidery, a popular love story book among the common people, a civilian hair accessory, foreign earrings, a knight doll for boys…

All of them are things that can be bought with silver coins. In other words, you can choose several souvenirs.

Of course, we were friends and I know their preferences. For example, Milcah-sama has a younger brother who is a few years apart, so she was naturally interested in knight dolls.

Thus, they loaded the souvenirs onto the horse-drawn carriage and went home with a cheerful face.

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