Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Regalia

“How was the tea party?”

That night, after dinner, Lex asks me.

Dinner time generally becomes the atmosphere of the day’s report meeting. The plates are removed and ice cream is served for dessert.

“Yes, everyone enjoyed it. Of course, I was able to enjoy it too.”

“That’s good. How was the magic stone?”

I receive the jewelry box that the maidservant handed and show Lex the magic stones they made.

“I also had them appraised. They are all around 1 carat spheres. They are not as big as mine, but they are of sufficiently high quality. This means that the magic stone lineup of A&V Company has now become three major types.”

My large ones, the size I have now, and the small ones appraised at the magic appraisal office.

“What will you do with the produced magic stones?”

“I have consulted with Mr. Cremetti, but instead of selling it to the market, I will make a large contract directly with several factories, large trade companies, and export channels. The price is discounted by 5% from the general trading amount in the market. We agreed that depending on the conditions, it can be discounted up to 10%.

“Even so, if the magic stone of this quality is sold at a 10% discount, it should sell without any problem. But you bought it from them at half price…? You’re greedily taking advantage.

Lex laughs.

The cost of obtaining the magic stone is not comparable to before!

“Even so, considering the trouble of choosing tea parties and souvenirs, the invitation, etc., the profit is negligible… Well, for my personal production and the magic appraisal office, the interest rate is terrible.

“Interest rate of 10% or 9%…?”

We looked at each other and smiled bitterly. There is a limit to greed.


I suppress my smile and stand up. I walked to the modified Mina #12 that was placed at the side of the table and hugged it.

“The magic crystalization device is sufficient, but when the currently being developed magic element accumulation device is completed, it will be equal to the royal Regalia.”

“The royalty…”

“No, it’s not about royalty, it’s about having the power to become a king just by possessing this.”


Lex tilted his head. He didn’t understand. Although he was a genius, he’s a researcher first and foremost. Maybe our mindset were different.

“The symbols of our country’s royalty are the crown and the first holy spear. There are various countries that consider swords, mirrors, axes and hammers, or rings as symbols of royalty, but do they have the power to change the world?”

“Well, I heard in legends that the holy spear penetrated rocks, but even if that’s true, that’s all it is.”

Yes, even if the founding legends are true, it’s just the bravery of the hero who had a great weapon. It’s not something that can change the world.

“In addition to the symbolic objects, the word royal Regalia also means the privileges of the king. Do you know?”


“For example, the right to mint currency. Only the king can create currency.”

“I see, you can’t just create currency on your own.”

I show the modified Mina #12.

“Is this inferior to that?”

“Ah… No such thing, it’s actually better, right?”

“Please don’t make it a question form, it’s overwhelmingly better. The one who possesses this can rule the world, the stone of the modern wise philosopher, the Philosopher’s Stone.”

I walk around the table and go to Lex’s front. I hand him the modified Mina #12.

“You are the king of kings.”

“… Don’t do it.”

He shook his head and put it on the table.

“But what if they find out that we, who are powerless, have it.”

“Don’t let it be taken.”

“We might even be killed.”

Lex nods.

“To put it bluntly, it would have been easier if we had made Lex’s technology public.”

“I see.”

“First, you get the honor.”

“Honor… again like a medal.”

“However, the magic crystallizer will be engraved with the royal coat of arms, bearing the royal name Patrikainen, not Mina.”

Lex snorts through his nose.

“If Lex were to make this technology public, the kingdom, the royal family would obtain immense power. The Periknen family(duke’s family) may fall, but the current king, or the next king Elias, may become a great emperor.”

“That’s… I don’t like that.”

“Yes, but there won’t be any danger to life, and even if it’s not as much as now, there should be enough money to live comfortably.”

“I see.”

“Despite that, I chose to keep this secret, to make it a fang to reach the royal family.”

Lex takes my hand.

“…You’re shaking. Are you afraid? Do you want to stop?”

I shake my head vertically and horizontally.

Lex stands up and embraces me.


My head hits his thin chest, and my face feels hot with his heartbeat.

“Oh, don’t apologize, it’s rather me who should apologize…”

“Mina’s fear is that she’s putting me and the servants in danger.


“And, you’re using me for your desire for revenge.”


His face comes down and approaches my ear.

“Don’t worry about it. I and the servants all dislike Prince Elias. If there’s a chance to get rid of him, I don’t care.”


“And, make full use of it. We are a married couple and family.”

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