Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Best Awakening

I felt like I woke up once or twice, from dawn to the morning, but when I woke up clearly, the room was bright.

Unknown ceiling.

Oh, yes, I moved here yesterday.

The servant must have opened the curtains. If I stick my head out of the bedding and look over there, I can see the fresh morning light shining into the room.

The left hand is wrapped in a slightly angular soft thing.

When I moved my left hand, it was squeezed.

“Did you wake up?”

Lex’s voice.

When I look over there, I see Lex’s figure peeking at me, who has gotten up in the bed with a report of the experiment in his left hand and holding my hand with his right hand.

He must have been waiting for me to wake up.

“Good morning, Lex.”

“Good morning, Mina.”

A smile appears on my face.

“You’re dressed differently from before you went to bed.”


He makes a strange voice and coughs.

When I try to get up, Lex pulls my hand.

He puts the documents he was holding by the side of the bed on the bedside table and looks at me with a brown gaze.



“Forgive me for now, okay?”

Lex’s hands go on my shoulders and his face comes closer and moves to the side of my face.

Something soft touches my cheek and then moves away a little.

“W-Well, then I’ll change and go to the dining room downstairs.”

Blushing, he stood up and quickly went to the next room with the papers.

The maidservant Hilka, who was waiting at the wall, respectfully lowered her head to Lex as she saw him off.

Bang, the door closed.


When I was frozen, Hilka came up to me and said,

“Good morning Vilhelmina-sama.”

“L-L-L-Lex! From me!”

“Fufu, Vilhelmina-sama…good for you…”

“Oh, this is terrible, I’m going to die!”


Myself and the servants excitedly make our way to the dining room while chatting, and there sits Lex, dressed in a white shirt and trousers, already seated at the table.

The new clothes make him look like a young noble or a capitalist!

“G-Good morning Lex.”

“G-Good morning Mina.”

We both blush and there’s an awkward tension.

We silently wait for the meal to be served.

Breakfast is eggs Benedict. The eggs are soft and easily cut with a knife, my favorite since childhood. That’s because we were able to call several cooks from the Periknen household.

“Just like I thought yesterday, it’s delicious.”

“It may not be as fancy as the Duke household, and we’re not using high-end ingredients, but the chef’s skills are certain. Let’s enjoy it.”

After the meal, we eat seasonal fruit and have a discussion.

“So, starting next week, we’ll open four “Magic Appraisal Offices” in the capital. For each location, there will be three magic crystallization devices, Mina #12, three spare devices, and sixteen of your personal use devices.”

Lex says this. It might be less of a discussion and more of a scheme.

“Yes, thank you, I understand.”

“And as for the one I ordered just the exterior from the goldsmith … it’s not #13, let’s say it’s number #12 modified. I think I received a letter today saying that both were completed.”

Talvo, who was waiting, steps forward.

“Right away, I’ll dispatch the servant and head to pick them up.”

“Yes, please.”

“When I get back, I’ll install the internal structure with my own hands and check the operation. With that, two #12 modified units will be completed. After that, I have one for my own experiments, so in total it’ll be 19 units. Has it reached the number you need?”

I smile.

“Yes! I think I will need an increase in production again sometime in the future, but this is enough for now.”

If possible, I’d like to make a factory so as not to bother Lex’s hands when the time comes to increase production, but we’ll see what happens.

“Well then, can I proceed to the research of the magic element accumulator now?”

“Yes, please. I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

He was looking at the blueprints yesterday. As a researcher, Lex would have liked to get to work on this sooner, but I made him wait.

“No, it’s okay. So, what’s the purpose of modified #12?”

“Fufufu, we’ll spread our reach to the nobility a bit with this.”

Lex tilts his neck.

“What, as a gift…?”

“That may be an option, but we can’t give away a goose that lays golden eggs.”

“I guess so.”

I will not give Lex’s invention to anyone. It’s certainly a powerful gift as a gift piece, but that wouldn’t benefit us and won’t reach the royal family. Gifts go to the top.

“I’ll bring it with me tomorrow and be busy with socializing.”

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